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  • Editorials | December 24, 2013

    It’s easy to feel good about Manhattan

    This is a day when we want to think of happy things, to conjure up a few warm and fuzzy phrases to share as we enjoy a chilly but cheery Christmas. What’s really fun this time around is that we don’t have to

  • Editorials | December 23, 2013

    Would Jefferson endorse the NSA?

    These words from the author of the Declaration of Independence are worth contemplating in the era of Edward Snowden and the National Security Agency. Mr. Snowden, who stole 1.7 million documents from the NSA, offered last week to aid Brazil in a probe of how the

  • Editorials | December 22, 2013

    New regents policy really bad idea

    The Kansas Board of Regents seems to have leaped headlong into a briar patch — and its only explanation for all the cuts and scratches seems to be: “Well, being silly isn’t illegal.” The idea that you might not be breaking the law really isn’

  • Editorials | December 20, 2013

    New facilities would bring money here

    It seems as though the so-called “Fieldhouse Project” is going to be batted around by one and all for days, weeks, months — who knows for how long? The city commission has had just one crack at the plan, and already opinions range from setting the

  • Editorials | December 19, 2013

    Drones dangerous in the wrong hands

    Wouldn’t it be neat to have Amazon deliver an order right to your front door via drone? Sounds cool, and Jeff Bezos, CEO of the world’s largest Internet retailer, recently announced on national TV that Amazon has every intention of using drone technology

  • Editorials | December 16, 2013

    Why be nice just at Christmastime?

    Happy Holidays! How many times have you said that? It just comes out naturally – to store clerks, to the kid filling your fast-food order, to the mailman, to people passing by in the mall. And of course, they’re smiling in return, wishing you the

  • Editorials | December 15, 2013

    Please party smartly

    Mid to late December isn’t just stressed-out-driver season, it’s also party season. There are all kinds of parties — office parties, neighborhood bashes and simple gatherings among friends. Along with assorted treats and mistletoe, alcohol is often available — and plentiful. What you munch on

  • Editorials | December 15, 2013

    First the stress, then Christmas

    One of the secrets of a relaxing Christmas is avoiding roads and highways the closer it gets to Dec. 25. That’s because though we wish it were otherwise, Christmas can get stressful. Worse, stressed out drivers are not only no fun to be in the

  • Editorials | December 13, 2013

    Kim deals with ‘despicable scum’

    We don’t pretend to know what’s going on in North Korea, but we’ll bet a lot of folks in the ruling family are looking over their shoulders. Their anxiety is understandable if, as is being reported, Kim Jong Un has had his

  • Editorials | December 12, 2013

    Too much read into handshake

    Try as we might, we can’t get all that worked up over the fact that President Barack Obama and Cuban dictator Raúl Castro shook hands during the memorial service for Nelson Mandela on Tuesday in South Africa. The occasion, it’s worth noting,

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