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  • Editorials | July 01, 2013

    Heroism on the fire lines

    Every year Americans see news footage of wildfires in the West, often racing across rural areas and through canyons and sometimes engulfing neighborhoods of million-dollar homes. Among states already struck this year are California, New Mexico, Colorado, and, most recently, Arizona. Occasionally, someone dies — a

  • Editorials | June 30, 2013

    Don’t negotiate with Snowden

    Now, it seems, Edward Snowden, the 29-year-old who is on the lam after leaking top secret data on National Security Agency’s surveillance programs, wants to come home. But on his terms. Those, according to his father, include being free from custody until his trial

  • Editorials | June 28, 2013

    Be safe, courteous with fireworks

    If you’ve already heard fireworks, you’re not alone. Some Manhattan residents — heck, some folks everywhere — get a little antsy and can’t wait until using fireworks is legal. We hope, if you have fireworks from last year in the basement, you resist the

  • Editorials | June 27, 2013

    Court didn’t follow Huelskamp’s Law

    Tim Huelskamp, who represents Manhattan and the rest of the 1st Congressional District in Congress, is at it again. He’s not just unhappy with the Supreme Court’s ruling Wednesday on the Defense of Marriage Act, he’s outraged. And acting as a voice

  • Editorials | June 26, 2013

    Fort, Flint Hills will adapt to change

    Tuesday’s announcement that the Army is de-activating the 4th Brigade Combat Team of the 1st Infantry Division is disappointing but not surprising. Nor, given the choices the Pentagon had, is this particular cutback unfair, though fairness must be a secondary concern to the needs

  • Editorials | June 25, 2013

    Immigration reform still a hard sell

    Though preliminary Senate approval Monday of an immigration reform measure by a 67-27 vote looks impressive, there’s no assurance whatsoever that this bill will become law. The bill is flawed, perhaps fatally, and it faces even more hostility in the House of Representatives than

  • Editorials | June 24, 2013

    Bracing for Country Stampede

    It’s the last week in June, afternoon temperatures in the mid-90s have settled in, and because the Country Stampede is just a few days from its opening act, the pace of activity is picking up a few miles north of Manhattan in Tuttle

  • Editorials | June 23, 2013

    Would Russia do its part?

    President Barack Obama deserves at least a little credit for publicly calling for another round of nuclear arms reduction talks with Russia. He’ll deserve more credit if he can deliver on his vision of a world free of nuclear weapons. Unfortunately, he’s demonstrated

  • Editorials | June 21, 2013

    National parks deserve better care

    Each summer, Americans flock by the millions to our national parks. Some of us go to commune with nature by fishing and camping, others to ooh and ahh at snowcapped peaks and mountain lakes. Unfortunately, each summer, at least in recent years, the parks have

  • Editorials | June 20, 2013

    Guns in school too risky to insure?

    It’s not surprising that the company that insures most school districts in Kansas has announced that it would not insure districts that allow employees to carry weapons on school property. The reason is simple. The insurer, EMC Insurance Companies, doesn’t want to be

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