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  • Editorials | January 09, 2014

    We’re addicted to rankings

    Everyone loves rankings, even though in almost every case, they mean just about nothing at all except a reason to argue. Some fans were delirious, matter of fact, that K-State was ranked 25th in the last Associated Press college basketball poll. Before you get too

  • Editorials | January 08, 2014

    Kim’s nuttiness: Real or surreal?

    Some of the most serious and sober-thinking global media outlets routinely refer to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un as a nut case. To the general public, he seems a bit like one of those evil villains doing battle with James Bond. Perhaps these weird

  • Editorials | January 07, 2014

    Assessing special assessments

    We don’t yet know much about the Manhattan City Commission’s direction on the complicated subject of special assessments. But we certainly appreciate their careful, inclusive approach. As you might know, special assessments are taxes that the Manhattan city government puts on new houses.

  • Editorials | January 05, 2014

    We’ve traded privacy for security

    This seems almost impossible, but America must have been asleep until the National Security Agency (NSA) was caught peeping into everyone’s life. Ever since whistleblower Edward Snowden leaked thousands of documents proving the incredible extent of the NSA’s reach, there has been one

  • Editorials | January 03, 2014

    Public v. private: Speech issues differ

    Freedom of speech has become a major coffee-shop topic the past few weeks, regionally as the Kansas Board of Regents policy on social media use has come under fire — and nationally with a huge flap over the comments made by Phil Robertson, one of the

  • Editorials | January 02, 2014

    Persistence made Wildcats successful

    Yes, we realize that Bill Snyder’s clichés have become something of a local giggle — after all, how long can you actually chop wood or row a boat? Well, maybe we all should pay more attention, because it was almost solely because of relentless

  • Editorials | December 31, 2013

    Resolve to follow Golden Rule in 2014

    Another year comes to an end tonight, keeping all the calendar companies in business —and likely tempting most of us to make resolutions for 2014. After the ball drop, the parties, the midnight kisses and all the rest of it, what should we be thinking about

  • Editorials | December 30, 2013

    Deaths of Graham, Hostetler leave void

    With 2013 coming to a close, we reflect on the numerous long-time Manhattanites who have departed us in the course of the year. A multitude of good, accomplished citizens are no longer with us — some having moved away for greater opportunity or better weather, but many

  • Editorials | December 29, 2013

    Al Jazeera comes to America

    Just a very few years ago, if you knew the name Al Jazeera at all, it was because that was the Arabic-language TV network which aired tapes provided by fugitive terrorist Osama bin Laden. It’s doubtful you’d have known where this bandit network

  • Editorials | December 27, 2013

    Commission action benefits swimmers

    There normally isn’t much you can learn from a swimming pool, except to come up for air when your lungs suggest it’s time. In the case of how the public can push government toward its own interests, however, there actually are some lessons

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