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  • Religion and science don’t need to clash

    For those who think that big philosophical arguments never get resolved, here’s one to ponder: The Pope now says that evolution and the Big Bang are real. You might have missed it, but Pope Francis said in a speech .

  • Trump won ... let’s move on

    Two observations about the formal election Monday of Donald Trump as president: 1. He got beat fair-and-square by Hillary Clinton in the popular vote, and 2. He won fair-and-square anyway. Trump won by the rules of the game. He won enough votes .

  • Even in worst cases, death penalty wrong

    Even in the most heinous crimes, there’s something wrong with the death penalty. Sometimes, we’ll grant, the death penalty seems like a good idea. It just feels like a person like Dylann Roof ought to be executed. As .

  • Guns have no place on a college campus

    It seems like a bad dream to read about the preparations Kansas State University is making for guns on campus. The university is, of course, doing its best under the circumstances. It has no choice. Nor does the Board of .

  • New ‘news service’ spreads opinions

    We’d like to welcome to the opinion publishing business an outfit called the Sentinel, an offshoot of the conservative Koch brothers political operation in Wichita. Unfortunately, this organization is calling itself a “news service,” which of course it is .

  • Is Trump playing a global tactical game?

    We’re still willing to give President-elect Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt. Despite all evidence to the contrary, he might actually know what he’s doing in at least one aspect of international relations. We certainly hope so, .

  • Now showing downtown: Movies

    There are movies back in downtown Manhattan. We’d like to welcome the new Town Center 13, the movie theater in the mall, which opened on Sunday. It’s showing older movies in a sort of soft opening until Friday, when .

  • It’s not perfect, but it’s a plan

    It’s easy to find fault with a plan advanced last week by a coalition of entities to confront the state’s financial crisis, particularly if the proposals include tax increases. The Brownback administration pounced quickly. No sooner had the .

  • Bipartisan probe of hacking merited

    A bipartisan group of four U.S. senators is absolutely correct to be concerned about Russian hacking of the presidential election, and President- elect Donald Trump ought to join in their call for a thorough investigation. The senators are hardly .

  • Let’s grasp this rare opportunity

    Now that the dust has started to settle in the matter of the Indian mascot at Manhattan High School, we’d like to propose a way forward. We think there’s a tremendous opportunity here if the advocates on both .

  • Glenn a hero and a statesman

    Americans are hearing a lot about John Glenn, who orbited the Earth long before space travel became so mundane that launches merit news coverage only when something goes wrong. A truly remarkable American who died Thursday at age 95, he’s .

  • Board finds a way forward

    Members of the Manhattan-Ogden Board of Education got it about right Wednesday night in their handling of the future of the Indian as the symbol of Manhattan High School. They could have held a simple vote to keep or retire .


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