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  • Editorials | July 23, 2014

    When push comes to shove…

    As political statements go, the Second Amendment Protection Act, which the Kansas Legislature approved in 2013, doesn’t bother with subtlety. It was an act of defiance of the Obama administration’s efforts to strengthen gun laws in response to more mass murders than most Americans

  • Editorials | July 21, 2014

    It’s Fair Week in Riley County

    It’s late July, it’s hot — but it’s supposed to be hot — and final preparations are under way for one of the community’s can’t-miss annual events, the Riley County Fair. If experience is any guide, there will be plenty to see

  • Editorials | July 20, 2014

    Republican divide grows wider

    We’re not sure how former U.S. Rep. Jan Meyers, a Republican who also was a Kansas state senator from the Kansas City area, was included in a list of current and former Republican officials who are supporting Lawrence Democrat Paul Davis’ bid to

  • Editorials | July 18, 2014

    Putin too quick to blame Ukraine

    It didn’t take Russian President Vladimir Putin long to get defensive and defiant about the downing of a Malaysian commercial jet over eastern Ukraine and the deaths of everyone on board Thursday. Said President Putin: “… this tragedy would not have occurred if there was

  • Editorials | July 17, 2014

    U.S. should keep talking with Iran

    If, as seems apparent, the United States is unable to reach a deal with Iran by Sunday’s deadline to limit that country’s nuclear program, the United States will have three basic alternatives. We can escalate sanctions in the hope of forcing Iran to

  • Editorials | July 16, 2014

    Obama, Congress in race to the bottom

    Results from a Quinnipiac University poll earlier this month showed that President Barack Obama is considered the worst U.S. president since World War II. Worse than George W. Bush and worse even than Jimmy Carter. If history is any guide, President Obama’s numbers

  • Editorials | July 15, 2014

    CDC’s problems must be corrected

    Americans are right to be alarmed at safety lapses and transparency issues at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. If the professionals of the CDC cannot be trusted to keep deadly viruses secure, who can? Several recent revelations have rocked the CDC

  • Editorials | July 14, 2014

    You can affect Fort Riley’s future

    Manhattan is an Army town. We need the Army, and the Army needs us. Now is the time to make those points. Strongly. Yes, Manhattan is a college town. No question about it. K-State has a dominating physical and psychological presence here, and thank goodness

  • Editorials | July 12, 2014

    Wheat yields have grown dramatically

    Interesting historical note that’s worthy of reflection: Kansas had a bumper wheat crop in 1889. Fields produced about 19.2 bushels per acre, a figure that wasn’t beaten until 1914, when the yield hit 20 bushels per acre. We note this because it was prominently published in an

  • Editorials | July 11, 2014

    Take a lesson from Texas

    We’d like to advise the leaders of the Kansas system of higher education: Don’t mess with Texas. University of Texas President Bill Powers was kicked out of office Thursday in a complicated political wrestling match with Gov. Rick Perry and his allies. Powers

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