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  • Editorials | February 10, 2015

    Don’t raise speed limit for passing

    Let’s not legitimize speeding in Kansas — on interstates, other divided highways or on two-lane highways. Particularly on two-lane highways. A couple of legislators from small central Kansas towns, one in Russell County and another in Rooks County, have proposed a bill that would allow

  • Editorials | February 09, 2015

    ... And now a bill to disarm critics

    Last week Kansas lawmakers took up an ill-advised proposal that could lead to criminal prosecution of public school teachers for exposing students to information deemed offensive. Not satisfied with chilling speech in the state’s public school districts, lawmakers now have before them a proposal

  • Editorials | February 08, 2015

    Fort Riley is too valuable to lose

    In a letter to the editor Friday, several local attorneys urged residents to attend a public meeting Monday afternoon that will help determine the future of Fort Riley. We add our voice to theirs and to those of civic leaders who also will attend, if

  • Editorials | February 06, 2015

    Policies undermine state infrastructure

    If we remember correctly, the stated purpose of Gov. Sam Brownback’s plan to eliminate income taxes for businesses and working Kansans was to make this already great state even more prosperous. In his first term, the Legislature did away with income taxes for almost 200,000

  • Editorials | February 05, 2015

    Stop micromanaging public schools

    The conservative Republicans who control the Kansas Legislature seem to have a chip on their collective shoulder against the state’s public schools. Not only do lawmakers in both houses balk at complying with court orders to increase school funding, they’ve taken to micromanaging

  • Editorials | February 04, 2015

    Is pilot’s murder a pivotal moment?

    Until Tuesday, it was hard to imagine a more gruesome way for the Islamic State to execute any of its hostages than beheading them and filming the occasions for recruiting purposes. That was before ISIS murdered a Jordanian pilot, Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh, whose F-16 was

  • Editorials | February 03, 2015

    Measles today is inexcusable

    This measles outbreak — the disease has popped up on the East Coast and upper Midwest as well as in California — is inexcusable. Measles isn’t some cute rite of passage for preschool or elementary school children. It’s a dangerous, highly contagious respiratory disease brought

  • Editorials | February 02, 2015

    ABLE Act a well-crafted idea

    Every now and then, the government does something that just makes good sense. The so-called ABLE Act, designed to encourage families to save money to benefit their children with disabilities, strikes us as that kind of idea. It’s been approved by Congress and signed

  • Editorials | February 01, 2015

    World needs greater exchange of ideas

    We’ve been thinking about free speech and radical Islam, in light of the massacre and aftermath involving the French magazine Charlie Hebdo. As readers probably recall, two men opened fire in the office of that publication on Jan. 7, killing 11 people and injuring 11 others. The

  • Editorials | January 30, 2015

    Legalize marijuana in Kansas? Not yet

    It’s pretty clear that a proposal in the Kansas Legislature to allow medical marijuana is going nowhere this year. Opponents at a hearing last week argued strongly that legalizing pot for medical purposes is basically the same as legalizing it entirely. We fundamentally agree.

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