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  • Editorials | March 27, 2015

    Mandatory voting is wrong approach

    Perhaps President Barack Obama was just kidding when during a town meeting earlier this month, he tossed out the notion of trying to make voting mandatory. Maybe it was a trial balloon, a time-tested mechanism for gauging reaction to a concept. The idea merits consideration,

  • Editorials | March 26, 2015

    Specialty plates aren’t so special

    The most recent dispute over speciality license plates, which reached the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday, can be as complicated as participants want it to be. But the solution seems simple. If states don’t want the controversy and lawsuits that stem from official

  • Editorials | March 25, 2015

    Riley County the picture of health

    Credit the culture, the tallgrass prairie, private and public medical care or other factors. Whatever the causes — and there are many — this corner of the Flint Hills is perhaps the healthiest area of Kansas. According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of

  • Editorials | March 24, 2015

    Israel’s interference is not welcome

    U.S. officials shouldn’t feign outrage that Israel spied on the negotiations involving the United States, several other nations and Iran over Iran’s nuclear weapons development. And Israel ought to stop denying that it spied — or gathered intelligence on the negotiations any way

  • Editorials | March 23, 2015

    Will Ebola ‘be over’ by summer?

    It was one year ago today that the World Health Organization confirmed that the Ebola virus was the cause of a wave of deaths in Guinea. By then, 59 people had been killed and the virus was just gathering momentum. Actually, the outbreak is believed to

  • Editorials | March 20, 2015

    Government must let the sunshine in

    For many people, this is spring break, and that means sunshine. Sitting on a Florida beach, catching some spring-training baseball, or just getting out in the yard. It’s good. Sunshine is also healthy for the government. It’s a disinfectant. It’s the 10th

  • Editorials | March 19, 2015

    It’s time to write a history of you

    In a recent letter to the editor, Charles Kempthorne of Manhattan suggested that all of us take some time to write a few lines about our lives. We’d like to echo that thought. By “writing,” we mean actually sitting down and producing some type.

  • Editorials | March 18, 2015

    Spring brings threat of severe weather

    Not long ago many of us wondered if it would ever warm up. Then we were blessed with a string of beautiful days, including Monday’s windy warmth. And now we’re back to about where we ought to be. That’s spring in Kansas —

  • Editorials | March 17, 2015

    Rediscovering Cervantes

    Whether Miguel de Cervantes — better known simply as Cervantes — is really the father of the modern novel or the honor should go to Daniel Defoe or another author is a fair subject for a literary debate. Either way, the recent discovery of the tomb where

  • Editorials | March 16, 2015

    Legislators ignorant about higher ed

    It’s possible that state Rep. J.R.Claeys late last week simply fell into the Twitter trap that ensnares so many of its users. He used it to explain that legislators should encourage universities to emphasize high-priority areas that don’t include women’s

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