• We’ll take the ACLU, League, thank you

    Perhaps someday in this space, we will have reason to praise Secretary of State Kris Kobach. Today is not that day. Mr. Kobach, who has busied himself helping other states discriminate against immigrants — legal as well as illegal, who wants .

  • Republican senators are out of line

    While the success Donald Trump is having campaigning against Washington is in some ways mystifying, in other ways it couldn’t be more predictable. On Tuesday, for example, Republican senators made clear that they would do whatever they need to .

  • ‘Revenge porn’ should be illegal

    Sydney Carlin, a Democrat who represents much of Manhattan in the Kansas Legislature, is nothing if not persistent; it’s a trait that’s essential in a chamber dominated by Republicans. And it served her well this week as House .

  • Require conviction for property seizure

    Individuals convicted of crimes and who used their personal property — a car or a home, for example — to advance that criminal enterprise should be subject to losing those properties. That is Kansas law, and it’s appropriate. Less appropriate is .

  • Putting government in its place

    Most members of the Kansas House of Representatives distrust the federal government enough to support a constitutional convention that would, from their perspective, bring Washington, D.C., back into line. The 77-44 vote Thursday wasn’t strong enough, however. If .

  • Not one of our finer moments

    If we could just take the politics out of the issue of replacing the late Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, the rest would be, if not easy, a lot less disagreeable. Trouble is, we Americans have for some time .

  • Highway speed limit is high enough

    It’s hard to fault state legislators for fudging a bit on speed limits, though they ought to know better than to talk on a cell phone while speeding. Not state Rep. John Bradford, a Lansing Republican. While recently tooling .

  • Compromise budget often remedial

    There’s plenty not to like about the state budget that Kansas Senate and House conferees agreed to Monday. Among its chief flaws is that it relies too heavily on shuffling funds around to offset a projected $200 million shortfall. Another .

  • Credit FBI for peaceful outcome

    Hats off to the FBI and other federal officials for their restrained handling of the occupation by armed activists of a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon. The last four militants surrendered peacefully Thursday, ending a 41-day standoff. Those last four .

  • Collaboration boosts regional prosperity

    Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce President Lyle Butler didn’t break a lot of new ground on the topic of regionalism last week, but his comments to the Riley County Commission were nevertheless appropriate. In short, he said the Manhattan .

  • 1 injured in house fire on Yuma Street Friday 615yuma.mercury

    The Kansas Supreme Court’s ruling Thursday that the Legislature’s block-grant education funding method is unconstitutionally inequitable couldn’t have been much of a surprise, even to the method’s architects. They sought to save money by disingenuously saying .

  • Careful steps toward rental inspections

    Landlords aren’t thrilled — they rarely are when rental oversight is the topic — but the Manhattan City Commission was correct Tuesday to decide to take another crack at rental inspections. Wisely, commissioners are moving incrementally, directing staff to develop an .


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