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  • Trump, Kobach and voter fraud

    The U.S. president and the Kansas secretary of state are quite a pair. They might be the only two people in the entire country who believe 3 million or more votes were cast fraudulently in the presidential election. It matters .

  • Trump is letting ‘Dreamers’ dream

    It’s easy to find fault with President Donald Trump, whether one considers his words or, more important, some of the executive orders he’s issued in his first week in office. But he deserves credit for something he hasn’.

  • Keystone pipeline worth building

    President Donald Trump made the right move — and made up for some time squandered by his predecessor — when he issued an executive order Tuesday reviving the Keystone XL Pipeline. The Keystone pipeline, an $8 billion project, will ensure the flow of .

  • Pompeo is up to the task at CIA

    We congratulate Mike Pompeo, who stepped down this week as representative of Kansas’ 4th Congressional District, for becoming President Donald Trump’s CIA director. It isn’t every day that a Kansan is chosen for an important national position. A .

  • Civilian-Fort Riley ties invaluable

    Residents don’t need to be told that the region’s economy marches in something close to double time when Fort Riley is teeming with soldiers and their families. It wasn’t a generation ago as the result of a .

  • Repeal campus concealed carry

    The Kansas Legislature is more moderate now than it was a few months ago before citizens vented their frustration at the ideologically conservative bent of legislation on tax policy, education and other issues has hurt this state in multiple ways. .

  • Let’s make America greater

    We won’t pretend not to have our misgivings about Donald Trump, who was sworn in today as America’s 45th president. To his credit, he knows he’s president of a divided country. If he wants to question approval .

  • Putin peddles fiction to world

    Russian President Vladimir Putin surely had a good time Tuesday teeing off on the United States in general and on President Barack Obama in particular in the latter’s last week in office. But perhaps the only assertion he could .

  • Manning doesn’t deserve freedom

    In some circles, President Barack Obama added polish to his legacy Tuesday when he commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning, the Army private serving 35 years in prison for violating the Espionage Act and other crimes. In our view, however, the .

  • Isn’t torture debate settled?

    It can be hard to tell with President-elect Donald Trump, or earlier with candidate Donald Trump, which of the many blunt declarations he makes constitute bluster and which will become policy. On the campaign trail, for instance, Mr. Trump was .

  • A cause worth championing

    Martin Luther King Jr. Day serves multiple purposes, some intended, some simply acquired in the years since it became a national holiday. It is, of course, a day to celebrate the contributions the Rev. King made to American society and .

  • Let’s move on from K-State 2025

    There’s always been something contrived about K-State’s 2025 goal. We think now is a good time to step back from it. “K-State 2025” is shorthand for the university’s goal of becoming a top 50-ranked public research university by 2025. That .


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