• New hospital cause for celebration

    It’s worth taking a moment to celebrate the completion of Fort Riley’s new hospital. Yes, it’s four years late. The project was delayed over and over, due mostly to a flurry of lawsuits. Subcontractors sued the general .

  • October days are close to perfect

    This morning was a little cool, even frosty in spots; it’s been a while since we’ve had temperatures in the 30s, but they’re not unwelcome. We could use the reminder that winter is coming. After all, last .

  • Will 100 days be enough?

    Somewhere in Las Vegas, an enterprising soul this morning might be laying odds on how long the Kansas Legislature’s 2017 session will last. Sessions typically run about 90 days, but the last couple of years are as good as any at .

  • Colorado pot alters Kansas market

    News from the Kansas Attorney General’s Office that marijuana from Colorado has “permeated nearly all parts of Kansas” isn’t quite alarming, but it deserves more than a shrug. First, Attorney General Derek Schmidt’s findings should not surprise .

  • The wrong sort of attention

    Donald Trump certainly knows how to get attention; he’s been doing it for most of his adult life. He is, however, losing his ability to shock. Yes, the vulgar tape released Friday of his 2005 conversation with Bill Bush of “.

  • Is state close to the bottom?

    Last week wasn’t a good one for Kansas’ chronic financial crisis or for government transparency. For starters, as the Department of Revenue announced Monday, the state’s financial situation has deteriorated further. Revenue fell $45 million short of expectations in .

  • County’s history is in good hands

    Centennials are something special. They signify not just longevity, but adaptability and durability and success. And they offer us a chance to consider how far we’ve come and where the future might lead. So it has been with the .

  • Congress pauses, seeks scapegoat

    It’s a strange world indeed when 97 out of 98 senators and 348 out of 425 members of the House of Representatives vote to override a presidential veto… and congressional leaders with second thoughts blame their action on the president. Blaming President Barack .

  • Pence, Kaine attack, defend

    Americans who watched the vice presidential debate Tuesday night saw two political figures who, in contrast to the individuals at the top of their respective tickets, have favorability ratings that are positive, though only marginally. The two are Indiana Gov. .

  • Register to vote, get informed

    Riley County Clerk Rich Vargo’s reminder Monday that the deadline is just two weeks away to register to vote in the general election is worth taking note of. This election, after all, is one of the most important in .

  • Genius, or too clever by half?

    Donald Trump would have Americans believe that they need look no further for evidence of his genius than his 1995 tax records — perhaps the only tax records of his they’ll ever see. That year, as the New York Times has .

  • Two-day reserve fund reckless; Bolstering it must be a state’s priority

    The Kansas household that doesn’t have money set aside for emergencies is either too poor to do so, enjoys living on the edge or simply doesn’t know better. The same might be said for states that don’t .


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