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  • Editorials | February 10, 2016

    Gas tax preferable to a new fee on oil

    President Barack Obama’s proposed $10 fee on a barrel of oil as part of his next budget isn’t fully thought out, but it deserves better than the kneejerk partisan denunciation it’s gotten from Republicans. Then again, Congressional Republicans don’t need a reason

  • Editorials | February 09, 2016

    Decision should have been unanimous

    Three cheers for Riley County Commissioners Bob Boyd and Ron Wells, and one jeer for Commissioner Ben Wilson, who chairs the board that sets policies for this county. Well, it sets most policies. County commissions across Kansas don’t have the authority they once had —

  • Editorials | February 08, 2016

    Proposal should be dumped for good

    The proposal to allow for the prosecution of teachers for presenting what some contend is harmful material is back in the Kansas Legislature. Unfortunately, it’s no better an idea this year than it was last year. The bill is the brainchild of state Sen.

  • Editorials | February 06, 2016

    Armbrust has been up to the task

    Kansas needs more individuals like Manhattan resident John Armbrust, who last week announced that he would resign in April as executive director of the Governor’s Military Council. He is quick to credit others — state and local officials, Fort Riley leadership, rank and file soldiers

  • Editorials | February 05, 2016

    A victory for an independent judiciary

    Advocates of an independent judiciary in Kansas can breathe a little easier today now that the most recent attempt to give the governor greater control of the Kansas Supreme Court has failed. Kansas House members indeed supported a constitutional amendment to repeal the existing merit

  • Editorials | February 04, 2016

    Souper Bowl is a ‘game’ for everyone

    Much has been made of the fact that this year’s Super Bowl is the golden one, celebrating the game’s 50th anniversary; that’s why the 50-yard lines in NFL stadiums were painted gold this year. As for the game, sports fans know the

  • Editorials | February 02, 2016

    Transparency moves worthwhile

    Legislation that fosters open government is good both for citizens and the legislators who represent them. Thus it is gratifying that several proposals to improve transparency in the Kansas Legislature and throughout governments in this state have the support of at least some members of

  • Editorials | February 01, 2016

    Making voting easier is the wrong goal

    Increasing the number of informed voters in Kansas is worth pursuing, and if “same-day registration” can do that without creating problems, lawmakers ought to give it a good look. Advocates are certain it will succeed; critics have understandable misgivings. Same-day registration would involve a change

  • Editorials | January 30, 2016

    Hunting, fishing are not in peril

    Back in 1777 — the year after the colonies declared independence and so early into the Revolution that there was little certainty the new country would even last — Vermont became the first state to include a provision in its constitution guaranteeing the right of its citizens to

  • Editorials | January 29, 2016

    Zika enters our vocabulary

    Americans have learned a new four-letter word in recent days. It’s Zika, as in the mosquito-borne virus that’s believed to have caused birth defects in as many as 4,000 Brazilian babies last year alone. That’s reason to be alarmed. Another is the fact

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