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  • Projections are holiday harbingers

    It’s beginning to look a lot like… autumn, Halloween and the home stretch of the 2012 election. Yet artificial Christmas trees have sprouted at some local stores and enough national projections about holiday sales and hiring have surfaced to remind .

  • A flawed solution to an oversight

    Maybe Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach figured every Kansas high school student old enough to vote has a driver’s license and simply didn’t see this unpleasantness involving the validity of high school ID cards at polling places .

  • Progress against cancer

    Cancer is an insidious disease, as is achingly apparent to those who suffer from it as well as their loved ones. Americans who don’t know someone who has cancer or who has died from some form of it are .

  • Dempsey offers timely message

    Gen. Martin Dempsey, who as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is expected to know something about the society he serves as well as the soldiers he leads, delivered a timely message Monday morning to an audience containing both .

  • Masters of low expectations

    Don’t you wish sometimes that the presidential candidates were a little more like prizefighters, or better yet, those pro wrestlers with garish costumes who practice their sneers and have mouths that, because they’re exercised incessantly, are bigger than .

  • One more pitch in Miami

    Adam Greenberg’s tale is only a baseball story, and viewed purely in the context of the pennant race it isn’t much of one. But forgive us if we take a few Sunday morning moments to note it with .

  • Price sensitivity and higher ed

    A Pew Research Center study has found that 19 percent of U.S. households are now carrying student debt, roughly twice as many as were doing so a little more than two decades ago when the parents of today’s students .

  • Group’s position is misguided

    We’re not surprised that the Manhattan Living Wage Coalition continues to insist that the City Commission set a $12-an-hour wage minimum for companies that seek economic development funds from the city. Geri Simon, speaking on behalf of the coalition, .

  • Well said, Mr. President

    It’s disappointing that President Obama decided not to meet privately with some of the world’s leaders during the annual meetings of the U.N. General Assembly. Such opportunities ought not be squandered. Given the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, .

  • State can’t afford such large tax cuts

    A recent Associated Press analysis observed that the Brownback administration has “developed talking points to deflect anticipated criticism” of the massive tax cuts it pushed through the Kansas Legislature last spring. What has Gov. Sam Brownback and his staff concerned .

  • Day dedicated to voter registration

    We’ll guess you’re following the presidential race, though we’re less certain that it’s because you’re interested in it or because you can’t avoid it. We also hope you’re paying attention to statewide and .

  • Life expectancy isn’t supposed to fall

    For decades, American children have grown up believing that they would have it better — live more prosperously and longer — than their elders. Multiple studies in recent years have cast considerable doubt on the first assertion. And now several studies have .


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