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  • Coin toss won’t resolve this issue

    If you had a dollar for every $1 coin stored away in government vaults – Sacajawea, Susan B. Anthony, the presidential series, you name it — you’d have tons upon tons of money… however much 1.4 billion $1 coins weigh. This thought surfaces along .

  • Legislature left with poor choices

    It’s good that Gov. Sam Brownback is increasingly aware that the income tax cuts he and the Republican-dominated Legislature approved last spring will contribute to acute funding problems in the coming year. Less good, however, are indications that the .

  • A reason to like sales taxes

    Even if it was largely a matter of time before monthly sales tax receipts in Manhattan crossed the $1 million threshold, word Friday from City Finance Director Bernie Hayen that it happened in September merited the small celebration it received. “Most .

  • A nonbinding vote on fireworks?

    Even though the city has a little more sales tax revenue than it expected to, we hope city commissioners aren’t overly tempted to invest $20,000 of it in a nonbinding referendum on a fireworks ban. We might be short on .

  • An occasion to honor a generation

    Americans have been commemorating the Dec. 7, 1941, Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor for 71 years now. That’s as it should be. It was more than a historic day, it was a monumental event, one that brought the United States into World .

  • Power supply often trumps beauty

    Homeowners have something of a love-hate relationship with tree trimmers. After storms, trimmers are heroes. At other times storms, they can be villains. After the ice storm that struck the Flint Hills five Decembers ago, those bucket trucks were the .

  • Punishment or pragmatism?

    We ought to be disappointed that the Manhattan area’s representative in Congress, 1st District Rep. Tim Huelskamp, has been dropped from the House Budget and Agriculture committees. A position on the Budget Committee can be hard to get, especially .

  • Phoenix will be lovely in January

    This is a wonderful week for the K-State football program and its fans. The Wildcats are Big 12 Conference champions and their star quarterback, Collin Klein, is one of three finalists for the Heisman Trophy. Across Manhattan and elsewhere in Kansas, .

  • A challenge worth taking

    We’ve had our share of issues with Gov. Sam Brownback, but the weight-loss challenge he announced last week has our wholehearted support. He’s doing more than lecturing or laying guilt trips on overweight Kansans; he’s demonstrating leadership .

  • The art of the deal; this ain’t it

    Here is how you reach a compromise. One side says, “If I give this much on this point, will you give this much on this point?” And you keep doing that until the deal is cut or until it’s .

  • The pools look great at summer’s end

    The irony of the entire debate over the length of the pool season lies in learning that the city has built a set of pools so large, so involved, so elaborate, with so many gadgets and fun diversions that it .

  • Fuse is long for fireworks violations

    We enjoy fireworks —  shooting them off and watching them. We always have, though if our property were damaged by fireworks, even legal ones used carelessly, we might well have second thoughts. It’s unwise, even dangerous, to use fireworks .


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