• Timely words

    Gov. Sam Brownback deserves credit for a statement he issued on the eve of the primary election calling for civility and respect in public discourse, and for his comments about Khizr and Ghazala Khan. “Speech in the public square should .

  • None of us is too busy to vote

    It won’t be hard for folks disinclined to vote to find an excuse for not doing so on Tuesday in the primary election. A short list might include, “It’s too hot to go anywhere,” “I don’t know .

  • Primary recommendations

    We come now to the last weekend before the primary election, one with several intriguing races but one that includes too many districts in which there is just one candidate. That hardly engenders discussion of important issues. For voters who .

  • Changes needed for credit upgrades

    It was disappointing but not surprising to learn that Standard & Poor’s, citing Kansas’ continuing budget problems, has again downgraded the state’s credit rating. As the Associated Press reported, S&P Global Ratings lowered its rating from .

  • Trump strikes again

    Under normal circumstances, it would be fair simply to wonder what’s gotten into a presidential candidate who invites another country to hack and release the emails of his presidential rival. That the other nation is Russia, with which the .

  • Clinton stakes claim to history

    Eight years ago Barack Obama became the first black presidential candidate of a major American political party. It was a historic moment, one worth celebrating. It culminated a few months later in an even greater moment for him and this .

  • Full Olympic ban of Russia justified

    Criticism of the International Olympic Committee is appropriate in view of the panel’s decision to diminish the harm of Russia’s systematic and long-term corruption of athletics and cheating. In voting against a ban of the Russian Olympic team .

  • Clinton dogged by DNC emails

    Just what Hillary Clinton needed on the eve of the Democratic National Convention: an email scandal. Granted, this one apparently wasn’t of her making — at least there is no indications to that effect — but the taint lingers. It lingers .

  • LGBT inclusion is a step forward

    If including individuals regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity in Manhattan’s anti-discrimination ordinance was little more than a gesture, it was a powerful gesture. There’s power, for instance, in the City Commission’s unanimity. Its 5-0 .

  • Congressional break hardly deserved

    A congressional recess nearly two months long is tough to beat, especially if it follows a break for the Fourth of July. Folks who get that much time off must really deserve it. Or not. Members of the U.S. .

  • Riley County Fair promises hot times

    We don’t know who’ll claim the ribbons at this year’s Riley County Fair, but we’ll bet that temperatures hovering around 100 degrees will ensure handsome profits for folks selling lemonade. (We doubt, however, that the heat interferes .

  • This isn’t how Trump planned it

    Much has already been said — and will continue to be said until the next dust-up bumps it aside — about the resemblance parts of the speech Donald Trump’s wife, Melania, made to Republican National Convention delegates Monday night bears to .


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