Friday, May 27, 2016

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  • Editorials | February 01, 2016

    Making voting easier is the wrong goal

    Increasing the number of informed voters in Kansas is worth pursuing, and if “same-day registration” can do that without creating problems, lawmakers ought to give it a good look. Advocates are certain it will succeed; critics have understandable misgivings. Same-day registration would involve a change

  • Editorials | January 30, 2016

    Hunting, fishing are not in peril

    Back in 1777 — the year after the colonies declared independence and so early into the Revolution that there was little certainty the new country would even last — Vermont became the first state to include a provision in its constitution guaranteeing the right of its citizens to

  • Editorials | January 29, 2016

    Zika enters our vocabulary

    Americans have learned a new four-letter word in recent days. It’s Zika, as in the mosquito-borne virus that’s believed to have caused birth defects in as many as 4,000 Brazilian babies last year alone. That’s reason to be alarmed. Another is the fact

  • Editorials | January 28, 2016

    Too much made of dress code dustup

    An occasional slice of humble pie can be good for one’s diet, but the criticism heaped on a state senator for his ill-advised dress code for individuals who testify before his committee was excessive. True, Sen. Mitch Holmes, a Republican from St. John who

  • Editorials | January 27, 2016

    Up a creek without federal flooding grant

    Maybe protecting 120 property owners from the occasional fury of a normally generic creek just wasn’t dramatic enough to seize the attention of federal officials. Maybe the local, regional and state partners, including the Kansas Department of Agriculture, which sought up to $60 million to provide

  • Editorials | January 26, 2016

    Another trial balloon from Bloomberg?

    If Michael Bloomberg were serious — as serious as he wants Americans to believe he is — about a third-party candidacy for president, he wouldn’t be telling Americans how the chips would have to fall for him to take the plunge. And he wouldn’t have

  • Editorials | January 25, 2016

    Special protection for gun dealers?

    Kansas has shown little official interest in shielding gays, lesbians or transgender individuals from discrimination, but at least one lawmaker wants to give special protection to gun dealers and manufacturers. It would be almost laughable if it weren’t really happening. But it is happening.

  • Editorials | January 23, 2016

    It looks a lot like school consolidation

    If Kansas lawmakers want to call the proposal to cut the number of school districts in the state by more than half “reorganization,” they’re welcome to it. But they’re kidding themselves if they think school patrons will see that word as anything other

  • Editorials | January 22, 2016

    ‘Good government’ ideas have merit

    Democrats don’t have nearly the clout in the Kansas Legislature that Republicans do, constituting less than one-fourth of the membership in either the Senate or the House. As a result, their ideas — good and not so good — often go nowhere. That was the case

  • Editorials | January 21, 2016

    Dole’s achievements are genuine

    Texas Sen. Ted Cruz probably won’t name any of his children after Bob Dole — unless Mr. Dole’s remarks Wednesday and last December help rather than hurt Sen. Cruz’s presidential prospects. Mr. Dole, a distinguished Kansan, was the Republican presidential nominee 20 years ago

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