• Low pressure centers key to predicting the weather

    What is the long term weather forecast? First, what do we mean by ‘long term’? Is that two weeks or 12 months? Seriously, people take stabs at predicting it for real money. Some of them have been doing it for decades, .

  • Putin expected more than narrow, tainted victory

    Dale R. Herspring Contributing Writer Russia held an election Dec.. 4 that attracted considerable attention in Russians and beyond. That’s because it did not turn out like elections always have in Russia and the Soviet Union. The party in power, .

  • National ban worth pursuing

    It probably was a matter of time before the National Traffic Safety Board recommended a nationwide ban on the use of all portable electronic devices by drivers. Now that the agency has acted, it will be interesting to see whether .

  • Manning, U.S. democracy to be on trial

    Private first class Bradley Manning is alleged to have leaked thousands of classified documents revealing massive war crimes committed upon the civilian populations of Iraq and Afghanistan by the U.S. military. He was arrested, placed in solitary confinement and .

  • Again, Kim may want to talk

    It might not be fair to suggest that North Korea’s President Kim Jong Il is hinting at resuming negotiations about his country’s nuclear weapons tests because he doesn’t like being bumped out of the spotlight by Libya .

  • Moderates need not apply

    John Huntsman, the former Utah governor who’s running for the Republican nomination for president, is in trouble. He’s got some conservative ideas, but he’s running as a moderate. By contemporary Republican primary standards, however, he’s close .

  • Check Libya’s ‘spiderholes’

    The hunt is on for Moammar Gadhafi. Perhaps it won’t take as long to deal with him as it took to deal with Osama bin Laden. The two are not quite in the same class, but Gadhafi does share .

  • Could quake have struck here?

    Maybe folks who thought spending upwards of $150 million in the last decade to make Tuttle Creek Dam earthquake-proof was an expensive boondoggle will reconsider now that a Virginia earthquake has rattled much of the East Coast. Earthquakes are rare in .

  • Faulty premise mars County redistricting plans

    Riley County commissioners are required by law to redraw the boundaries of their districts every 10 years so that those districts reflect population shifts. Commissioners are doing so now in preparation for the 2012 elections. Unfortunately, they’re operating from a faulty .

  • Way to go, Wamego

    Congratulations, Wamego! Winning 120 jobs — manufacturing jobs at that — is quite an accomplishment, one that will benefit the city, Pottawatomie County and, though less directly, the Manhattan area. As the Mercury reported Friday, the jobs involve an expansion of the Caterpillar .

  • Welcome back, KSU students

    Here’s hoping that Kansas State University’s incoming freshmen, many of whom spent Saturday moving into residence halls, find their way to class on Monday. And here’s hoping that they’re settled and feel like part of the .

  • Preventable tragedies

    To its credit, the U.S. military has taken a number of measures in recent years to prevent personnel from committing suicide. Unfortunately, those steps have not yet had the hoped-for impact. The Army reported last week that 32 soldiers took .


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