Sunday, November 29, 2015

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  • Columns | March 28, 2015

    Putin continues to be a formidable opponent

    While the world’s attention is focused on nuclear negotiations involving Iran, Russian President Vladimir Putin is in a position to create all kinds of problems for the United States and our allies in Europe. Almost every time we look up, he seems to be

  • Columns | March 24, 2015

    Help save ‘magical’ monarchs

    For decades, many people in Manhattan and up and down the Great Plains have enjoyed the migration of monarch butterflies. Most monarchs migrate from the northern Great Plains to the oyamel fir trees in the mountains of the Mexican states of Michoacan and Estado de

  • Columns | March 21, 2015

    How real is the prospect of a European army?

    Europe has been trying to decide how to defend itself since the rise of the Soviet Union in the aftermath of World War II. The establishment of NATO brought the added military power of the United States and Canada to the countries of Western Europe,

  • Columns | March 15, 2015

    Netanyahu-Obama confrontation unnecessary

    For political junkies who closely follow issues in Washington, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress was one of the biggest and most controversial events in recent history.  It generated questions not only about the way it came about but but also

  • Columns | March 07, 2015

    Who killed Russian opposition leader Nemtsov?

    Did Russian President Vladimir Putin send some of his thugs to assassinate opposition leader Boris Nemtsov? Was a rival behind the act, or perhaps someone else? Before assuming Putin was behind the murder, it is worth looking at Nemtsov and some of the reasons being

  • Columns | March 06, 2015

    Does Spirit of 1787 exist today?

    The Constitution is remarkably resilient. Changed an average of once a decade, the two-century old document has adapted to the times. Or has it? Compromises on the slave trade pushed an inevitable conflict back until civil war was necessary. Millions had civil rights denied because

  • Columns | February 28, 2015

    Obama’s left-wing obsession hurts America

    I have no reason to believe that Obama is either unpatriotic or anti-Christian. Rather, he is on the political left, a man who takes his ideology very seriously. Yes, he has taken a number of actions for purely political reasons, but what president hasn’t?

  • Columns | February 21, 2015

    Putin has clear edge in Ukraine ‘cease-fire’

    Leaders of Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine ended 17 hours of negotiation Feb. 12 in Minsk, Belarus, by signing a cease-fire agreement between Ukrainian forces and the Moscow-backed separatists. Representatives of the Organization for Security and Cooperation also accepted the agreement and committed to monitor compliance with

  • Columns | February 14, 2015

    Going backward with Brownback

    In an unprecedented move and in a complete act of contempt for the changing world around us, Gov. Sam Brownback last week declared war on the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. His executive order to strip the personal protections of state-employed LGBT individuals

  • Columns | February 14, 2015

    Merkel and Hollande fill leadership vacuum

    While attention has focused on the horrific acts of the Islamic State, another conflict is simmering that could be far more dangerous. ISIS has about 40,000 fighters. If President Barack Obama were prepared, working with nations like Jordan and Turkey, we could wipe ISIS out in

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