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  • Columns | September 12, 2015

    Europe faces challenge of historic proportions

    Germany continues to occupy center stage in one of Europe’s greatest human disasters since World War II. But all of Europe is being pushed to open borders to refugees from the Middle East and Africa. In 2014, Germany absorbed 200,000 Middle Eastern refugees, most from Syria,

  • Columns | September 11, 2015

    Halftime included so much more

    It’s a cliche, but unless you’ve done marching band, you just don’t understand it. Or maybe you’ve done it, but not at the major college level. Either way, a lot of conjecture and lot of opinions have flown around the Internet

  • Columns | September 05, 2015

    Germany’s political, cultural identity at stake

    There is a struggle under way for Germany’s political and cultural identity. So far, the “good guys” — those who welcome non-Germans as opposed to those who believe the country is for Germans only — have the upper hand. To the latter group, non-Germans are welcome

  • Columns | August 29, 2015

    South Korea wise to be prepared for the worst

    News that the North Koreans again shelled South Korea during the annual “Ulichi Free-dom Guard” exercises brought back memories. Some time ago when I was still wearing a uniform, I participated in these exercises. The purpose of these annual exercises is to give U.S.

  • Columns | August 28, 2015

    Stop dissing state employees

    State employees and teachers should be celebrated. They provide valuable service in all parts of Kansas, yet have been on the receiving end of both low pay and disrespect, a direct result of the state’s financial crisis. State leaders talk about em-ployees as a

  • Columns | August 22, 2015

    ‘Need to know’ determines security clearances

    Having dealt with high level security clearances in the Navy and the State Department, I think I understand the process and how it is administered.    It is important to note that persons in the military or the government can go through their entire careers without

  • Columns | August 20, 2015

    Political correctness is so wrong

    I am an old guy disgusted and offended by political correctness — PC. Where and when did this plague get started? There are several potential origins dating from the early to mid 20th century under Stalinist doctrine. It referred to the Communist Party line, separa-ting socialists

  • Columns | August 16, 2015

    Governor, tear down this wall

    Kansas public preschools are isolated and rare. Educators at all levels in Kansas are frustrated and fleeing. As the dust settles from one of the worst legislative sessions in Kansas history, class sizes are larger, we have a statewide teacher shortage bordering on a crisis,

  • Columns | August 15, 2015

    Obama’s rhetoric shows weakness of his position

    Despite majority opposition both in the public and in Congress to the nuclear agreement with Iran, it looks as though the deal President Barack Obama so badly wants will be formalized. The Senate will vote on it Sept. 17 and is expected to vote against it,

  • Columns | August 14, 2015

    Mounting state debt matters

    Thanks to Gov. Sam Brown-back and his legislative backers, your children or grand-children born this year will still be paying off $1 billion in new state debt in the year 2045. Of course, this assumes that your children and grandchildren will choose to live in Kansas and

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