• State should expand Medicaid

    Democracy has been called the “marketplace of ideas,” and for more than 150 years, the men and women in the Kansas Legislature have served as the brokers of ideas for improving life in our state. In recent years, though, one policy .

  • Clash of cultures will spread beyond Germany

    Twenty years ago, American political scientist Samuel Huntington published “The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order.” This major work remains relevant today. One of Huntington’s key points was that the liberal prognosis of the time — that .

  • U.S. Navy, other services overworked, overextended

    While I realize that the depleted condition of the U.S. Navy mirrors conditions in the other services, the fact is that one of the keys to President Barack Obama’s plan for projecting power in the Pacific is a .

  • Obama capitulates again with regard to Iran

    I thought I had seen just about everything when it comes to President Barack Obama capitulating in foreign policy. First, he drew a red line, warning Syria not to cross it by using chemical weapons, and when Syria did, Obama .

  • Nature’s poetry evident on a farm

    I thought about writing a poem on farm life. Then I actually thought about what I lived each day and what I wanted to express. I realized quickly that every aspect of farming is poetry in motion — the rhythm of .

  • MATC strives to bolster programs

    A week ago Friday we held our December commencement, the culminating event of another academic semester. Permit me to share some information you may not be aware of about Manhattan Area Technical College — your technical college: • At commencement we graduated .

  • Putin sums up past and looks to the future

    Heads of states of major countries often give speeches at the end of the year in which they sum up what they have accomplished during the year. These occasions sometimes provide insight into a leader’s or a society’s .

  • U.S., China seek more consistent military ties

    For years, most Western observers expressed concern about the rise of China,  especially its navy. Not only has China’s navy emerged from almost nothing, but it has been growing while President Barack Obama has been doing little to .

  • Debt piling up to pay for tax cuts

    Right-wing Republican law-makers in Kansas have operated under the radar to suspend all statutory limits on highway debt, and that unprecedented authority was recently used to issue record levels of long-term debt to pay for their reckless income tax cuts .

  • Let’s preserve our melting pot

    A couple of decades ago, when I was getting fairly heavily into the concept of civic journalism, I made the acquaintance of an up-and-coming young journalism professor and fellow traveler on that subject named Yves Colon. I gleaned a lot .

  • With Schmidt’s death, world has lost a great leader

    The world recently lost one of its truly great statesman, former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, who died last month. Unknown to most Americans, he had an impact on shaping our policy toward Russia during and after the Cold War. He .

  • Republican oligarchy? Think again

    Christopher Renner and the Democratic Party are guilty of what they accuse others of and complain about. Mr. Renner needn’t lecture readers about a potential Republican oligarchy when organizations such as George Soros’s Open Society Foundation or the .


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