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  • Columns | October 10, 2015

    Kansas tax policy is unfair

    Did you get a paycheck last week? If you did, quite likely your employer withheld money from it to cover your obligation to pay state income taxes. Sorry, but you are part of the group that funds state government. Do you draw your income from

  • Columns | October 10, 2015

    Athletic scholarships change lives

    The gathering of friends at a tailgate party; the sounds of the band that fill a stadium or arena; the excitement on campus when the home team wins; and the pride one feels in their alma mater’s victories. These traditions are being confronted in

  • Columns | October 10, 2015

    Putin goes to Syria while Obama goes in circles

    President Barack Obama’s foreign policy amazes me. Every time in the last six years I think we have reached bottom, he finds a new low.  That is the case with his latest response to Iran’s and Russia’s decision to send Russian

  • Columns | October 03, 2015

    China presents growing challenges to U.S.

    While much attention late last month in Washington focused on Pope Francis and the resignation of House Speaker John Boehner, the visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping may have more important long-term impact. Replacing Boehner will be a challenge. Congressional Re-publicans are deeply split, and

  • Columns | September 30, 2015

    Education and wishful thinking

    Kansas education officials recently released a report that indicates a majority of the state’s public school students are not academically prepared for college, according to scores on standardized English and mathematics tests given last spring. Inevitably, the calls for increased educational funding will be

  • Columns | September 26, 2015

    Putin holds upper hand with moves in Syria

    It is increasingly clear that the only road to peace and stability in Syria runs through Moscow. We may not like having to deal directly with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but we have no alternative. Some regard him as a thug, although that is a

  • Columns | September 21, 2015

    ‘Loyal opposition’ has potential

    All 165 seats in the Kansas Legislature will be on the ballot in 2016, and the loyal opposition in Kansas politics should take a careful look at 2014 election results in planning for these elections. The loyal opposition includes Democrats and their backers, and disaffected Republicans and political

  • Columns | September 19, 2015

    What to do when problems arise? Issue threats

    Again we face an international problem, and again, we don’t seem to have an answer except to blame someone else for causing it. That is not unheard of in diplomacy. The “other guy” is always the cause of the problem.  But when it

  • Columns | September 18, 2015

    We’re confusing wants and needs

    Growing up in what came t o be known as “The Greatest Generation,” I went through the Depression and World War II. We came to understand firsthand the difference between what we “need” and what we “want.” This was particularly evident in my family when

  • Columns | September 12, 2015

    Europe faces challenge of historic proportions

    Germany continues to occupy center stage in one of Europe’s greatest human disasters since World War II. But all of Europe is being pushed to open borders to refugees from the Middle East and Africa. In 2014, Germany absorbed 200,000 Middle Eastern refugees, most from Syria,

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