• Another Charlie Brown election?

    We know the story by heart. Lucy has once again cajoled Charlie Brown to kick the football that she will hold for him. Even though he is dubious, he remains, as ever, just optimistic enough.  He approaches the ball, .

  • NATO emerges stronger and more unified

    While many of us were watching the horrible events unfold in Dallas, President Barack Obama was in Warsaw at what has turned out to be an important NATO conference. It is no exaggeration to suggest that led by Germany, the .

  • German official does the impossible: Raises defense spending

    Several years ago, German Chancellor Angela Merkel took the surprising step of appointing a woman to the post of defense minister.  From a German military standpoint, this was unheard of.  Never had there been a female in charge .

  • Improving on the FOIA

    Days before the 50th anniversary of the passage of the original Freedom of Information Act, President Obama signed a new freedom of information bill into law Thursday that formalizes a fundamental and essential tenet of a free democracy: the right .

  • Britain’s vote creates opportunities for Russia

    Great Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union will shake up European politics like no event since the collapse of the Soviet Union.  For years, those of us who taught European politics discussed the evolution of Europe from a .

  • Be wary of OTC hearing aids

    We are writing in response to the recent op-ed column, “Make hearing aids affordable.” That article makes some excellent points regarding the number of Americans who have hearing loss and the fact that Medicare and many insurance plans do not .

  • Polish worries about Russian Army linger

    Years ago when I spent two years at the American Embassy in Warsaw, I was reminded how much the Poles loathe both the Germans and the Russians. Many Poles had lived through World War II — the German invasion and brutal .

  • China remains the major problem for America

    Of all the foreign policy issues the next U.S. president must face, few are more dangerous than our relationship with China. Beijing calculated several years ago that the Obama administration’s protests were more talk than action, and so .

  • We’re losing our democracy

    I fervently hope I am wrong, but I fear the Mercury missed the point with its latest Trump editorial. Racist and xenophobic statements should be challenged, of course, but I’m afraid that the more important story is that the .

  • German-Turkish spat over Armenians volatile

    Many years ago, when as an undergraduate I studied the history of the Turkish part of the world, I thought, “How quaint, but who cares?” Then a week or so ago I was shocked to pick up the paper to .

  • Food labels and states’ rights

    Once upon a time, conservatives were quick to denounce federal power grabs at the expense of the states.  Bob Dole even said he carried a copy of the U.S. Constitution’s 10th Amendment in his pocket — that being .

  • Target’s restroom policy proper

    As a board member of the Flint Hills Human Rights Project, I would like to express the board’s support of Target and its recent announcement reaffirming its longstanding trans-gender-friendly restroom and changing room policy. Equally encouraging was the CEO’.


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