• LGBT rights face challenges

    While press and punditry diligently tracked Gov. Sam Brownback’s effort to unseat moderate Republicans in the August primaries, they’ve largely overlooked a development that is energizing conservatives in two Kansas cities for the general election. In Salina and .

  • Messages of hope from Libya

    No question there are angry Muslims in North Africa and the Persian Gulf region who vent their rage at the United States. Some of those who have rioted this week were motivated at least in part by a video insulting .

  • New life for GOP moderates?

    Chapman Rackaway Contributing Writer Political parties are like sports teams. Most fans to stay with one from cradle to grave. People leave political parties with that same rarity. So it was noteworthy that Wichita’s Jean Schodorf, one of the .

  • Did SEAL leak details of raid on bin Laden?

    Probably everyone by now has heard about “No Easy Day,” the book by a former Navy SEAL who was involved in the killing of Osama bin Laden. Aside from the mysterious world it uncovers, the book raises questions about the .

  • BBB: The Internet offers a fertile ground for pyramid schemes

    Just as ancient Egypt’s pyramids were the final resting places of the Pharaohs, today’s internet pyramid schemes are where some folks’ investments go to die. These scams have been around forever and have crossed over into the internet .

  • China flexes its muscles over islands

    The South Pacific and South China Sea are increasingly becoming an area of contention involving China and some of its neighbors, especially the Phil-ippines and Vietnam but also Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and Taiwan. China believes it is becoming a “great .

  • One hurdle remains for the Brownback agenda

    Governor Sam Brownback and his political allies may take victory laps for their primary election successes.  However, their quest to remove any legislative check on the Brownback agenda must clear one remaining hurdle.  Democrats will be contesting Republicans .

  • Religion, politics a potent mix

    “Red State Religion,” written by Princeton sociologist and native Kansan Robert Wuthnow, is a new book that chronicles the influence of religion on Kansas’ historical and political development. His effort moves beyond Thomas Frank’s conclusion in “What’s the .

  • Sales tax has clear attractions

    The sales tax analysis provided by City Commissioner Jim Sherow provides a compelling argument but may not have contained all of the variables. Three additional variables must be considered. The first is the fact that 30 to 40 percent of the sales .

  • Issues with farm practices Jimsuber2

    Every once in a while, great things and ideas let us down a little. Take no-till farming. Because of the severe heat and drought the last two or more years in western Kansas, no-till farming of non-irrigated wheat is not .

  • Likelihood grows for Israeli strike on Iran

    There is one potential international crisis that frightens leaders in both political parties, perhaps Democrats a bit than Republicans. It is an Israeli attack on Iran, especially if it were to come prior to the election or even during one .

  • A review of the wheat harvest

    This year’s wheat harvest is about over, and the reports sound pretty darn good. And, of course it could have been even better with just one more rain back when the flag leaf was waving for it. Reports from .


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