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  • Columns | May 12, 2012

    What about schools, governor?

    Gov. Sam Brownback’s proposals to radically change longstanding policies regarding income taxes and public education funding are facing increasing scrutiny and criticism. The most recent challenge comes from the Traditional Republicans for Common Sense, a group of former legislators and party leaders. They are

  • Columns | May 12, 2012

    Tax cuts are great, but…

    About the best we can say about the tax compromise Kansas legislators agreed to last week is that it isn’t as risky as it might have been. Not that there isn’t something in the compromise to like; after all, everybody likes tax cuts.

  • Columns | May 12, 2012

    Russia, China hold naval collaboration

    In mid-April, Russia and China embarked on an experiment: a joint naval exercise in Chinese waters. To some in the West, such undertakings are worrisome: perhaps they pre-sage closer ties between the Russian and Chinese navies. I have taken part in Russian-U.S. naval exchanges

  • Columns | May 11, 2012

    Brownback is a true believer

    The third-floor scene in the Capitol was truly touching. Quietly, as privately as possible, Gov. Sam Brownback clasped hands in prayer with Don Wistuba, the long-time operator of the statehouse snack shop. It was Don’s birthday, and the gesture was profound. Sam Brownback is

  • Columns | May 11, 2012

    A partial picture of bin Laden

    One day, perhaps, the United States will make public all of Osama bin Laden’s correspondence in order to show a fuller picture of the al-Qaida leader instead of the limited one available now. Not that what the 17 documents made public this week isn’t

  • Columns | May 09, 2012

    Round and round they go

    We took state Sen. Roger Reitz to task in February for supporting a congressional redistricting proposal that would have shifted Manhattan into the 1st District. He was convinced that Kansas would be best served if lawmakers resolved their redistricting conflicts and moved on to other

  • Columns | May 08, 2012

    Discontent on display

    Workers and union members marching on May Day is hardly a new phenomenon. Particularly overseas, parades and demonstrations celebrating workers have been occurring for decades. Some years the various rallies seem like isolated events; some years the workers’ complaints are more legitimate than others. News

  • Columns | May 08, 2012

    A year after bin Laden’s death

    It matters a lot to President Barack Obama that he was president when U.S. SEALs killed Osama bin Laden. We hope it matters for the right reason. Certainly the president deserves credit for making the kind of decision Americans expect their presidents to make.

  • Columns | May 07, 2012

    ‘Big ideas’ weren’t enough

    Newt Gingrich, who in recent weeks has been busier visiting zoos — with Secret Service bodyguards — than campaigning for the Republican nomination for president, was kind enough last Wednesday to tip America off that he would be suspending his campaign in a week. That week is

  • Columns | May 02, 2012

    Take redistricting away from legislators

    Rules matter, whether you’re playing sports or politics. No rule is ever neutral: what restricts one player benefits another. The bump-and-run rule in football increased offense by an average of a touchdown a game. What would sports look like if the players got to

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