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  • Columns | December 05, 2015

    Russia-Turkey dispute can affect U.S., NATO

    The dispute between Russia and Turkey over the latter’s shooting down of a Russian warplane has created a dangerous situation in which even a minor action could cause a major explosion. Equally important over the long term is the impact that President Barack Obama’

  • Columns | December 04, 2015

    U.S. Christians need champions

    Recently I had a conversation with a young minister whose views on religion, and specifically Christianity in the United States, were a profound shock to me. As a person of more than eight decades, I am accustomed to members of the clergy supporting and defending

  • Columns | December 03, 2015

    Don’t ignore Christian extremists

    Last Friday, Colorado Springs became the latest in a growing list of terrorists attacks in the United States that the media refuse to label as such. Since the traumatic events of 2001, more people in the United States have been killed by white male Christian extremists (46)

  • Columns | December 02, 2015

    RCPD, Pawnee productive partners

    It seems that in times of crisis, groups of people either pull together or splinter apart. The crisis related to Kansas’ moratorium on involuntary psychiatric state hospital admissions is no exception. Individuals across the state and in our community who need immediate psychiatric care in

  • Columns | November 28, 2015

    U.S. learns pitfalls of leading from behind

    President Barack Obama for several years has stressed the importance of “leading from behind,” a phrase that amounts to a contradiction in terms. I am still not certain if I understand the concept. It would appear to have two fundamental components. First,  it involves

  • Columns | November 21, 2015

    Kurds bring good news in battle against ISIS

    In spite of the horrific events in Paris, there has been good news in the battle against the Islamic State. First, the U.S. Army’s wonderful electronic intelligence found Jihadi John, the British citizen and ISIS terrorist famous for the televised slaughter of American

  • Columns | November 14, 2015

    Does Russia have the rubles for its military?

    I remember years ago sitting in Washington or in the U.S.  Embassy in Moscow trying to discern how big the Soviet military budget was or how much was allocated for this or for that. The answer was always, “We don’t know, but

  • Columns | November 11, 2015

    The warpath against voting rights

    Six years ago, Kris Kobach and I were on strikingly different warpaths. Kobach had just launched his campaign for Kansas Secretary of State. I was earning my combat stripes and Afghan Campaign Medal in the desert valleys of Kandahar. I was fighting the Taliban, an

  • Columns | November 10, 2015

    Bias colors ‘investigatory’ stops

    As supporters of the Manhattan-Riley County Coalition for Equal Justice, we are pleased with the attention the Mercury’s Nov. 1 editorial brought to Charles Epp’s lecture on “Racial Bias in Police Stops.” However, we think the Mercury’s editors misunderstand the important difference Professor

  • Columns | November 07, 2015

    U.S. treads deeper into conflicts in Syria

    The United States took two steps recently that could have a major impact on our position and policy toward Syria.  First, it agreed to put military “boots on the ground,” and second, it participated in a major conference on Syria that for the first

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