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  • Columns |Men's Basketball | April 08, 2012

    Recent events show power of AD Currie

    If it wasn’t clear enough already, the turnover in the men’s basketball program has emphasized a decade-long trend in Kansas State athletics. Put simply, it’s this: The athletic director is really in charge. Frank Martin, who left K-State for what most would

  • Columns | April 07, 2012

    A new name for Leadership hall

    A tradition at Kansas State University has been to name a building after former university presidents. Of the 10 men to hold the office during the university’s first century, nine were once honored in such a fashion. Since the mid 1970s, however, the practice has

  • Columns | April 07, 2012

    North Korea remains unpredictable, dangerous

    The United States faces a number of seemingly insolvable international problems.  Iran and the Middle East immediately come to mind.  We could easily find ourselves at war with a theocracy living largely in the 12th or 13 century — with the exception of its weapons,

  • Columns | April 06, 2012

    Constitutional law vs. rhetoric

    If the best case President Obama can make for upholding the Affordable Care Act is the one he made Monday, then the president’s signature health care initiative is in dire straits indeed. Obama challenged the Supreme Court to uphold the health-care reform legislation, arguing

  • Columns | April 05, 2012

    A break from what in Topeka?

    The Kansas Legislature is presently engaged in a three-week recess, although it is by no means clear what the lawmakers’ labors have brought forth that necessitates such a substantial vacation. In fact, given the unfinished state of such central pursuits as a budget and redistricting,

  • Columns | April 04, 2012

    We must be doing something right

    If you’re unhealthy, simply don’t feel well — or were choking on the smoke from grassfires Tuesday evening — you might not be impressed that Riley County has again been named the healthiest county in Kansas. You might even question the University of Wisconsin’s

  • Columns | April 03, 2012

    Pressure grows on Assad

    Not long ago, the Friends of Syria was a loose assortment of entities that served mostly as cheerleaders for Syrians opposed to the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. President Assad seemed to dismiss it as irrelevant even as he deployed men and machinery against a

  • Columns | April 02, 2012

    Renewed hope in Myanmar

    Few countries have been as oppressive in recent decades as Myanmar, which has been ruled by a military junta whose stranglehold on its citizens defied international condemnation. It’s perhaps premature to say the country is suddenly embracing democracy, but elections just held for 45 seats

  • Columns | April 02, 2012

    Enough to spend, enough to share

    Someone in Manhattan is spending money. In fact, lots of us are spending money — buying things from groceries to golf clubs to Grand Cherokees, and, very possibly, driving those new cars to restaurants or the movies, as well. The most recent sales tax revenue data

  • Columns | April 02, 2012

    U.S., Russia at odds over missile defense

    Few topics are more confusing or important in our relations with Russia than missile defense. Our two nations are in position to improve relations in almost every other area, but the most important aspect of bilateral relations is the security/military sphere. Unfortunately, our relations

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