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  • Columns | May 02, 2012

    Take redistricting away from legislators

    Rules matter, whether you’re playing sports or politics. No rule is ever neutral: what restricts one player benefits another. The bump-and-run rule in football increased offense by an average of a touchdown a game. What would sports look like if the players got to

  • Columns | May 02, 2012

    Farm proposals were ill advised

    The U.S. Department of Labor meant well in pursuing changes that would prevent children from working on farms. But those good intentions only paved the road to hellacious —and understandable — opposition from farmers and farm organizations. Chief among the litany of criticisms was that

  • Columns | May 02, 2012

    What provocation will Kim Jong-Un try next?

    The pursuit of international relations is hardly a rational undertaking, as North Korea illustrates. I am not talking about the Stalinist methods with which North Korea oppresses its population. Based on recent material about North Korea’s gulags (“Escape from Camp 14”), I would argue that

  • Columns | May 02, 2012

    Counting on Social Security

    Social Security trustees this week issued their annual projection about the program’s long-term health. Like most others in recent years, it was gloomy. In short, trustees said they expect funding for retirement benefits to fall short three years earlier than they did last year.

  • Columns | May 02, 2012

    Liberty, responsibility key to Kansas’ future

    Most Kansans are familiar with the iconic mural in the Statehouse’s east wing painted by Kansas artist John Steuart Curry. Curry depicts another Kansan, the abolitionist John Brown, his arms spread wide with a Bible and a rifle in his hands as he presides

  • Columns | May 01, 2012

    Gates more than meets criteria

    Kansas State University has chosen superbly in picking Robert Gates to be the first individual in more than two decades to receive an honorary doctorate. Mr. Gates, a native Kansan, has served the United States with distinction in a number of capacities, most recently as

  • Columns | May 01, 2012

    Kansas gave mom beautiful adventures

    My mom would love the Flint Hills Discovery Center. She always thoroughly enjoyed coming out to Kansas. Her extended visits to our farm were highlights of her year. She always said she would never leave Chicago to live anywhere else — except Kansas. But this was

  • Columns | April 30, 2012

    ‘An enduring partnership’

    Most Americans pay too little attention to our war in Afghanistan. Maybe they’re weary of the war, though only a few — military personnel and their families —have sacrificed much in the years the United States has had a uniformed presence there. Maybe Americans are

  • Columns | April 24, 2012

    ATA Bus’s test is just beginning

    ATA Bus’s great adventure, its great experiment, has begun. On Monday, the Flint Hills Area Transportation Agency, heretofore known for its on-demand service, began operating two fixed, or scheduled, routes. We wish it well, and we hope, as ATA Bus Director Anne Smith said, “

  • Columns | April 24, 2012

    Don’t make criminals out of good citizens

    On March 16, Kansas Senate Bill 453 was amended to make the refusal of a person to submit to a blood, breath or urine test at the demand of law enforcement a crime. By March 27, it had passed in the Senate and was on to the Kansas

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