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  • Columns | December 16, 2012

    Going over fiscal cliff will affect agriculture


    If we all go over the fiscal cliff, what will be the effects on agriculture? That is an academic question I put to myself. First, I had to clean up my thoughts about the cliff. Lately in coarse coffee club company, I have taken to

  • Columns | December 16, 2012

    Deficits, debt and the ‘fiscal cliff’

    With the “fiscal cliff” — the impending across-the-board tax hikes and expenditure cuts - nearly upon us, it is important to think clearly about the causes and potential consequences of our large federal budget deficit. The national debt is the sum of all annual budget deficits

  • Columns | December 12, 2012

    Bikes, cars can mix safely if…

    As collisions go, this one was minor. It could have been much worse for the fellow without armor — the bicyclist. Stopped at a red light at College and Kimball avenues while heading north, I shuddered at what I saw unfolding just 12 feet to my right:

  • Columns | December 09, 2012

    Lack of rain could cause big problems


    Another week hurried by with nary a drop of rain where we need it. I really knew people who used the word “nary” (not any) in their everyday conversation, along with “yorn” (yours) and “younguns” (children) and so on. They were good people, but were

  • Columns | December 08, 2012

    Limits of diplomacy can make it frustrating

    Foreign policy is fundamentally different from domestic policy for a number of reasons. First, domestic policy is generally not classified. By classified, I mean information whose disclosure would threaten the vital interests of the United States. Some politicians operate in secrecy, or try do. 

  • Columns | December 07, 2012

    City has long been well served

    Editor’s note: This is the text of City Commissioner Jim Sherow’s statement Tuesday that he would not seek re-election. Mr. Mayor, I would like to take moment for a few words. I’d like to congratulate you on being the 97th individual to

  • Columns | November 27, 2012

    Exit polls add to election story

    Kansas has gone for the Republican nominee for president since 1968, and 2012 was no different. By a wide 22-point margin (60 percent to 38 percent), Mitt Romney defeated President Barack Obama in the Sunflower State, an increase of eight points over John McCain’s vote share in 2008. Nationally,

  • Columns | November 26, 2012

    Governor has made dubious bets

    If Gov. Sam Brownback were a poker player, his opening bid would likely be all-in on every hand. The governor is known as someone who rarely takes half-measures. The tax changes passed in the 2012 legislative session and sweeping proposed changes to school funding, social services

  • Columns | November 25, 2012

    ‘Talking points’ generate plenty of talk


    Based on the apparent confusion concerning U.N. Am-bassador Susan Rice’s talking points during network news shows on the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, it might be useful to provide some information about the process. I went through it on many

  • Columns | November 21, 2012

    A time for thanks on the farm

    Sometimes memories crash into you unexpectedly, a sudden recollection or a scent that reminds you of something or someone important — the joys of a childhood day, the heartbreak of a loved one’s passing. I am always surprised by the emotions that stir again as

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