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  • Columns | January 04, 2013

    Memories of ’93 flood powerful

    There is a picture on the wall in my kitchen of a house in the Kansas River. It is a picture I show guests often, and their apparent awe is always the same. It is ironic to be reminiscing about the Flood of 1993 when for

  • Columns | December 30, 2012

    Inouye was a warrior, statesman

    I didn’t know Sen. Daniel Inouye, but I certainly felt as if I did. I was stationed in Hawaii in 1959, when he won his first Congressional election. I remember seeing him at an election rally and being impressed. I also developed a strong attachment

  • Columns | December 30, 2012

    Blanket of snow good for wheat


    We who care about such things wanted Mama Nature to unfurl a comforting and protective winter “blankee” of snow over our fields and pastures and wish us “Sweet Dreams” during a long deep sleep. There is nothing like a good snow cover, particularly for a

  • Columns | December 24, 2012

    Nontraditional and unforgettable

    Fifty years ago, I spent my first Christmas away from home. It was a Christmas that will vividly remain in my memory. I was a student in Benaras Hindu University in Varanasi, India. As Christmas approached, I felt a longing creep into me. I began

  • Columns | December 22, 2012

    Guns aren’t the problem…

    Another tragic shooting. I join the world in sorrow for the inconceivable and thoughtless slaughter of those children and faculty members. But make sense of it? Good luck with that. I can, though, give an explanation. It’s complicated and many-faceted, so bear with me.

  • Columns | December 22, 2012

    Nobody’s happy with North Korean launch

    Seldom have I seen an action that has angered so many nations and yet left them appearing helpless as North Korean’s recent missile launch. For the United States, the launch means North Korea could one day launch a nuclear weapon that could strike the

  • Columns | December 16, 2012

    Going over fiscal cliff will affect agriculture


    If we all go over the fiscal cliff, what will be the effects on agriculture? That is an academic question I put to myself. First, I had to clean up my thoughts about the cliff. Lately in coarse coffee club company, I have taken to

  • Columns | December 16, 2012

    Deficits, debt and the ‘fiscal cliff’

    With the “fiscal cliff” — the impending across-the-board tax hikes and expenditure cuts - nearly upon us, it is important to think clearly about the causes and potential consequences of our large federal budget deficit. The national debt is the sum of all annual budget deficits

  • Columns | December 12, 2012

    Bikes, cars can mix safely if…

    As collisions go, this one was minor. It could have been much worse for the fellow without armor — the bicyclist. Stopped at a red light at College and Kimball avenues while heading north, I shuddered at what I saw unfolding just 12 feet to my right:

  • Columns | December 09, 2012

    Lack of rain could cause big problems


    Another week hurried by with nary a drop of rain where we need it. I really knew people who used the word “nary” (not any) in their everyday conversation, along with “yorn” (yours) and “younguns” (children) and so on. They were good people, but were

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