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  • Columns | February 18, 2013

    Allow grocers to sell liquor

    One of the many benefits of Kansas living are the free market principles valued by the people and initiated by the state. Yet in one area, we’ve long avoided changing how adult beverages are sold, allowing the government, not consumers, to dictate where these

  • Columns | February 17, 2013

    Obama is not just another ‘dude’

    While I recognize Bill Felber’s right to express his opinion about President Barack Obama’s trip to Nevada to speak to an audience of mostly Latino high school students about immigration reform, I feel the “Arts and Entertainment” section of the Mercury (Sunday, Feb. 10)&

  • Columns | February 17, 2013

    EU mends differences, OKs budget

    Americans who are frustrated at the budget dispute in Washington and who fear that Democrats and Republicans will not reach an agreement before sequestration takes effect March 1 ought to consider what has just happened in Europe. Developments there suggest that even the most combative foes

  • Columns | February 14, 2013

    Keeping relationships abuse-free

    Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate loving relation-ships. But maybe it is also a good time for parents to check-in with their teenagers who may be involved in a romantic rela-tionship. If you are a parent of a teenager, do you know the

  • Columns | February 11, 2013

    Across the congressional divide

    In some places, Missouri’s Fifth Congressional District and Kansas’ “Big First” are about 100 miles apart.  Politically, they are at opposite ends of the universe. This divide makes the “fiscal cliff,” gun control, abortion rights, and other issues very difficult.  Missouri’s Emanuel

  • Columns | February 10, 2013

    Israeli jet strike raises the stakes

    Dale R. Herspring Contributing Writer It did not take a genius to realize that something was brewing in Israel a couple of weeks ago. First came Israel’s redeployment of two Iron Dome anti-missile batteries from the southern part of the country to its north,

  • Columns | February 10, 2013

    Mixing drought’s good, bad news


    Some good things happen in droughts, the folks who tend to like their weather dry are quick to report. It’s true only up to a point, which is when there is no water to be had and none in Nature’s vast pipeline headed

  • Columns | February 05, 2013

    ‘Pay-go’ rules serve Kansas well

    Families on a budget under-stand: spend more than you earn and you incur debt.  Excessive debt is crippling, yet governments often struggle with that basic concept. The federal government can tell you from experience. It’s easy to spend money, especially when you can

  • Columns | February 03, 2013

    News that’s fit for head scratchin’


    Sometimes we are left just scratchin’ our heads. For example, an economist in Missouri recently reported that the average hog sold in 2012 lost $12. Yet, my wife can report that bacon has done nothing but go up in price at the store the last couple of

  • Columns | February 03, 2013

    Getting better is our purpose

    The Manhattan Ogden Board of Education has been questioned in the Mercury recently for giving consideration to changing the schedule at Manhattan High School. I welcome the comments and involvement by anyone interested in education and the success of our students. To provide for a

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