Thursday, November 26, 2015

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  • Columns | June 14, 2015

    Ireland the site of some good international news

    Given the conflict in so many parts of the world, it is worth noting that two countries recently acted in an usual and positive fashion. They showed they are moving toward solving a centuries-old and most vexing problem.  I refer to Prince Charles’ recent

  • Columns | June 06, 2015

    How much of a threat is China’s growing navy?

    There has been so much focus on ISIS, Vladimir Putin and Russia that they might seem to be Washington’s only major foreign policy concerns.  Oh, we’re concerned about North Korea, Iran and a plethora of other countries, but they do not rise

  • Columns | May 31, 2015

    Press spokesperson at State has most difficult job

    Students have often asked me what the most difficult job in the State Department’s Foreign Service is. That is a difficult question because jobs are different, but I believe the department’s press spokesperson has the toughest job. Most State Department jobs involve long

  • Columns | May 28, 2015

    Science is vital to agriculture

    Last Saturday in various cities across our nation and beyond, marches were held in opposition to Monsanto, an agro-chemical corporation known for benefiting the farming industry in many ways. It is being erroneously blamed for just about every negative environ-mental and health issue imaginable. Called

  • Columns | May 23, 2015

    Saudi snub of Obama sends troubling message

    President Barack Obama has insisted for some time that the only opposition to his negotiations with Iran over the latter’s pursuit of nuclear weapons comes from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and “hardline” congressional Republicans. Recent events, however, indicate otherwise. In the diplomatic world,

  • Columns | May 22, 2015

    Hope for Kansas in Paraguay?

    Kansas is coming apart at the seams. The Legislature cannot figure out how to plug a $406 million budget gap, and tax proposal after tax proposal keeps getting voted down. Some school districts ended the school year early when they ran out of cash. The superintendent

  • Columns | May 21, 2015

    EPA approach will hurt Kansans

    As the president of the Southern Christian Leader-ship Conference (SCLC), I frequently travel throughout the United States. And in my journeys, I’m quite often struck by the fact that so many families are struggling to find financial security. I find it troubling that hardworking

  • Columns | May 16, 2015

    Ramifications many from stunning British vote

    Of all the elections in Europe in the last several years, none was more shocking and will have more potential impact on the continent and the United States than the British parliamentary election May 7. For months the election was predicted to be one of the

  • Columns | May 10, 2015

    Mental health a timely issue

    May is National Mental Health Month. During May, counties and cities throughout Pawnee Mental Health’s service area will issue proclamations calling upon citizens, government agencies, public and private institutions, businesses and schools to recommit their communities to increasing awareness and understanding of mental health,

  • Columns | May 09, 2015

    Perception, misperception in Russian-U.S. ties

    If any aspect of international politics seems to be a sina qua non for conflict, it is the issue of perception and misperception. Any two sides in this world have the ability to completely misread each other. The possibility of misunderstanding is made worse by

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