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  • North Korea yells, but nobody is listening

    For folks not paying attention, North Korea recently held the Seventh Party Congress of the ruling Workers’ Party, the first such gathering in 36 years. North Korea, which in recent years has been testing nuclear weapons and platforms from which to .

  • Risk of East-West confrontation in Europe grows

    While much attention has been focused on U.S. domestic matters, the situation on Russia’s border with NATO has been heating up. Conflict is not imminent, but the situation in that region has grown more tense. Those who lived .

  • Youth are a focus of mental health

    May is National Mental Health Month. During May, counties and cities throughout Pawnee Mental Health’s service area issue proclamations calling upon citizens, government agencies, public and private institutions, businesses and schools to recommit their communities to increasing awareness and .

  • A discussion worth your time

    At the heart of the budget crisis in Kansas is public education. About two-thirds of the state’s budget goes to education. For those who want to shrink that budget, cuts to education are necessary and desirable. For supporters of .

  • Germans still frustrated by Muslim migrants

    A leading German journalist said, “That which is German will eternally remain German,” to describe the situation in that country. The article in which that observation appears refers to the attitude of Germany’s new and growing, right-wing party, Alternative .

  • China, Russia take advantage of U.S. passivity

    While China’s efforts to build new islets in the South China Sea have nudged out of the headlines by the U.S. presidential campaigns, the issue remains important. Foreign policy issues, especially those with a strong military component, can .

  • Putin, Russia’s economy and the art of bluffing

    A recent New York Times article on Russia bolstering its submarine fleet as tensions with the United States rise left the impression that the danger we face from the Russians is on the rise, similar to the Cold War.  .

  • Putin builds a new security force - for himself

    Of all the things I expected to report from Vladimir Putin’s Russia, his decision to create his own army was not one of them.  Technically, the group is called a “national guard,” and it is just one of .

  • Obama allows Russia to harass U.S. ships

    The buzzing by unarmed Russian SU-24 aircraft of the USS Donald Cook, an American destroyer in the Baltic Sea, April 12, and the subsequent harassment of a U.S. Air Force plane above the Baltic Sea were not meant to be .

  • What North Korea is thinking is a mystery

    In discussing North Korea’s behavior — its repeated launching of missiles and its unspeakable brutality toward its own citizens — a number of my friends have expressed concern that this behavior is reflective of the “crazy guys” running the country. A .

  • Sharing intelligence with Russia? Why not?

    Russian President Vladimir Putin and his foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, recently suggested that the United States and Russia share intelligence, in particular with regard to the war in Syria. Why duplicate efforts, they wondered. Life would be much easier if .

  • Most landlords are responsible

    I am writing in response to Mr. Baker’s letter Sunday about rental properties and landlords. I agree about off-street parking spaces aligning with the number of bedrooms in a rental. But this is not an issue with my rental .


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