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  • Obama’s policies leave America more vulnerable

    The United States is entering one of the most dangerous periods of its recent history as we move toward the end of this year.  The reason is simple, but the implications are potentially disastrous. President Barack Obama has long .

  • Tail wags Kansas Chamber dog

    H. Edward Flentje Contributing Writer The tail wags the dog when it comes to the politics of the Kansas Chamber of Commerce. A few businesses underwrite the Chamber’s electioneering with results that are contrary to the interests of most .

  • Critics of Indian mascot misguided

    It does not require much research to demonstrate the fallacies underlying arguments raised by those calling for replacement of the Manhattan High School Indian mascot. But for the sake of the exercise, let’s walk through those fallacies. 1. American Indians .

  • Moscow and Crimea: Signs of renewed trouble

    It seems like the world can’t exist without a crisis somewhere — a situation that can turn into a war with all that portends. A recent example comes from Ukraine, or more specifically, Crimea, which Russia seized from Ukraine in 2014. .

  • Bracing for more budget cuts?

    It’s tough to be optimistic about the state’s financial situation when the governor’s office “asks” state agencies, including universities, to consider the possibility of 5-percent spending cuts. In doing so last week, administration officials cautioned that the .

  • Which direction will Kansas go?

    Duane Goossen Contributing Writer Kansas has come to a “T” in the road and must decide which way to turn. A more apt way to say it:  Kansas has come to a “T” in the road, overshot the inter-section, .

  • Wefald’s book is required reading

    Ron Inman Contributing Writer Ned Seaton’s July 31 review of Jon Wefald’s new book, “The Transformative Years at Kansas State: The Years of President Jon Wefald from 1986 to 2009,” was excellent. I’m a three-time graduate of K-State and have .

  • Putting Turkey back together will be difficult

    Changes in government are normal. Some, however,  have a major impact on world affairs, such as Britain’s decision to leave the European Union.  The ramifications of that decision may not be known for years. The European community .

  • China takes control of the South China Sea

    The U.N. Permanent Court of Arbitration’s recent decision in the dispute between China and the Philippines over control of the the South China Sea wasn’t some incidental action. It was important. The basic question concerns who controls .

  • Another Charlie Brown election?

    We know the story by heart. Lucy has once again cajoled Charlie Brown to kick the football that she will hold for him. Even though he is dubious, he remains, as ever, just optimistic enough.  He approaches the ball, .

  • NATO emerges stronger and more unified

    While many of us were watching the horrible events unfold in Dallas, President Barack Obama was in Warsaw at what has turned out to be an important NATO conference. It is no exaggeration to suggest that led by Germany, the .

  • German official does the impossible: Raises defense spending

    Several years ago, German Chancellor Angela Merkel took the surprising step of appointing a woman to the post of defense minister.  From a German military standpoint, this was unheard of.  Never had there been a female in charge .


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