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  • Columns | July 26, 2015

    Iran comes out ahead in nuclear agreement

    President Barack Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran will probably be one of the most heavily criticized U.S. agreements in years.  But before evaluating the agreement, permit me to note that I have worked with arms control and know something about the process. 

  • Columns | July 24, 2015

    The ‘pay-fors’ are coming due

    Last January, Gov. Sam Brown-back was trying hard to shift the blame for an expanding state budget crisis. Referring to the 2012 Kansas income tax cuts, he told the Topeka Chamber of Commerce, “What I got from the Legislature was a naked tax cut with none

  • Columns | July 23, 2015

    Iran’s government complicated

    With a nuclear deal between the international community and Iran to ensure that Iran will not have the capability to build a nuclear weapon, the world is reminded yet again that Iran is one of the most important countries in the Middle East. It has

  • Columns | July 18, 2015

    Is Russia really America’s greatest threat?

    “Russia presents the greatest threat to our national security.” So said Gen. Joseph Dunford, incoming chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff earlier this month. Dunford, now commander of the Marine Corps, surprised lawmakers July 9 when he bluntly told them that Russia, not ISIS, is

  • Columns | July 14, 2015

    Kansas Dust Bowl alarming

    Beginning in 1934, a 150,000-square-mile area that included Kansas was devastated by drought, winds, static electricity, loss of vegetation and poor farming practices resulting in a self-perpetuating cycle of environmental, social and economic degradation now referred to as the Dust Bowl. It was not a cause

  • Columns | July 11, 2015

    Problems, prospects accompany new fighter jet

    Developing a new fighter jet isn’t easy.  It is expensive and includes the most advanced technological equipment. So much money is involved that failing to produce a promised weapon such as fighter plane could send the company building it to the poor house.&

  • Columns | July 04, 2015

    How volatile are relations between Russia, U.S.?

    One question I am frequently asked involves the nature of U.S.-Russian relations and the possibility that tensions between our two countries could escalate into a military conflict. This question would have made little sense several years before Moscow annexed the Crimea. We were,

  • Columns | June 28, 2015

    Catholic Church in Ireland adapts to new reality

    On May 23, Ireland became the first country to legalize gay marriage by popular vote when the Irish supported a constitutional amendment to allow same-sex couples to marry.  This was a shock to many people in and out of Ireland.  After all, Ireland has

  • Columns | June 21, 2015

    Problem of Greece’s debt won’t go away soon

    Greece is a marvelous country of ancient ruins, good food and friendly people. To the politicians who run Europe, Greece is much more: It is an acute, chronic pain that seems beyond relief. Matters seem to be coming to a head and must be resolved

  • Columns | June 19, 2015

    Fasting is just part of Ramadan

    More than 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide believe that Ramadan, which began Thursday, is a holy month in the Islamic “Hijri” calendar. The Hijri months move according to the crescent of the moon. Hijri months move around the seasons of the year, and Ramadan gradually moves from

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