Tuesday, June 28, 2016

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  • Columns | March 05, 2016

    Schools vital to local economies

    The Kansas Legislature has struggled to balance the state budget in recent years, and some legislators have asserted that the issue is a spending problem. Those who subscribe to this belief feel that education funding is the primary culprit for the increased spending and often

  • Columns | March 05, 2016

    Stage set for UK referendum on EU membership

    Britain faces an important decision June 23 — a referendum on whether to remain a part of the European Union. However the vote goes, Europe will never be the same; neither, for that matter, will the United Kingdom or the United States. British citizens are divided on

  • Columns | March 04, 2016

    A community link to the RCPD

    You may not be aware that our local law enforcement agency, the Riley County Police Department, has an advisory board comprised completely of civilian members of our community. I lived in Manhattan for five years before I knew, and now I chair the Community Advisory

  • Columns | February 29, 2016

    Welfare reform works for Kansas

    Last week, a socialist candidate for president took great exception to the success of our welfare-to-work programs, saying that we are “beating up on the poor.” Bernie Sanders wants to revive the same bloated government programs that so dramatically failed those in need throughout 50 years

  • Columns | February 27, 2016

    China’s militarization bolsters its foreign policy

    In addition to defending the state, another primary purpose of a strong military is to back up a country’s foreign policy. A country should not send troops in to achieve every foreign policy goal. Yet every government wants to be able to threaten another

  • Columns | February 26, 2016

    A pattern Kansas should break

    The Kansas Legislature in 2015 passed a bill to allow the state to borrow $1 billion to reduce the unfunded liability of the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System, KPERS. The funds would pay down the state’s obligation, which was created over the years by consistently contributing

  • Columns | February 25, 2016

    Student achievement in crisis

    There are those who believe Kansas has a school funding crisis — even though spending exceeds $13,000 per student and continues to set records — but low student achievement is the real crisis. It’s a shame that so much attention is paid to money and so little

  • Columns | February 24, 2016

    Common Core must be evil…

    House bill 2676 is expected to come before the Kansas House this week for debate. If it passes, it will do away with anything related or aligned to Common Core standards. What does that really mean? Any current textbooks or pur-chased curriculum that aligns with Common

  • Columns | February 20, 2016

    Meeting can begin to close centuries-old rift

    My father used to say that if one lives long enough, one will see changes considered impossible earlier in life. Such a thing happened on Feb. 12, when Pope Francis met with Russian Patriarch Kirill at Jose Marti Airport in Havana, Cuba. The two talked privately

  • Columns | February 14, 2016

    As Germany goes, so goes the rest of Europe

    Germany has always been one of the most important and influential countries in Europe — for good or bad. Along with France, it occupies a key position in the European Community.  When the German economy improves and the country is politically stable, it is good

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