• Guess who won Russia’s recent election?

    If you were holding your breath awaiting the outcome of the parliamentary election in Russia, you can now breathe. So can Russian President Vladimir Putin. His party, United Russia, won 343 seats — 76 percent — up from barely 50 percent five years ago. (The .

  • Get ready for a long meeting

    I would like to weigh in on the matter of the Manhattan High School mascot. Well, that’s not quite true. I would like to weigh in on the format of the meeting to consider the matter of the MHS .

  • Iran’s provocations increase in Persian Gulf

    The situation in the Persian Gulf between the United States and Iran is growing increasingly dangerous. Last January, Iran seized 10 U.S. sailors whose small crafts had strayed into Iranian waters and held them over night. The situation was resolved .

  • Indian mascot unacceptable

    I’ve been a part of the ReImageMHK group since it formed about a year ago. What has not been well-portrayed by the area media is that ReImageMHK is interested in raising awareness of broad issues of racism and intercultural .

  • Suicide can, must be prevented

    September is Recovery Month. National Suicide Prevention Week and World Suicide Prevention Day are also recognized in September. The U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration defines recovery from mental disorders and/or substance use disorders as “a .

  • Honorably retire MHS mascot

    If you’re reading this, we are in community. We may have sat next to each other at a K-State football game and jumped to our feet when the Wildcats got a touchdown. We may have been a row apart .

  • Blackface incident systematic

    On Sept. 15, a Snapchat photo surfaced with a Kansas State University student in painted blackface — along with her painted blackfaced friend — using the N-word. In a subsequent communication, the student indicated she was just “kidding” and meant no offense. The .

  • North Korea relentless in nuclear quest

    Kim-Jong-Un is at it again.  On Sept. 9, the North Koreans carried out their fifth successful underground nuclear test since 2006. The most recent test was on the 68th anniversary of the founding of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. .

  • Take cues from the Prentups

    As an alumnus of Manhattan High School who participated in the first effort to replace the Indian as the Manhattan High School mascot during the 1971-72 school year, I’m sad and a little angry with the direction the recent .

  • Agriculture vital to Kansas

    Kansas is deservedly recognized as a powerhouse in production agriculture. From settlers like C.B. Schmidt, who led the immigration of Russian Mennonites to Kansas in the 1800s, to today’s farmers, Kansans have always recognized the challenge and reward .

  • Discrimination exaggerated

    If I didn’t know it before reading “Indian mascot misguided” and various letters to the editor in the Manhattan Mercury, I know it now. I have officially passed the age where I would just roll my eyes and say, “.

  • Indian can unify, educate us

    Our nation is made of many nationalities, and our sports teams reflect this: Minnesota Vikings, Boston Celtics and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, to name a few. Regarding itsmascothistory,NotreDame’s official website says, “the Irish qualities of grit, determination .


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