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  • Taking legislation seriously

    Last Monday, Kansas legislators elected their leaders for 2017-18. We should all wish them good luck because they will need it. Leadership elections are inside baseball contests, but the results often offer indications of how the upcoming legislature will operate. .

  • Colombia finally gets peace… maybe

    One of the longest and bloodiest guerilla wars ever has been taking place in Colombia. It has been going on for five decades, leaving 220,000 people dead, 25,000 missing and untold numbers displaced. The parties involved were the Colombian military, left-wing guerillas .

  • ‘Annie’ audience was just fine

    I had the good fortune to attend “Annie” with my mother a week ago Wednesday. I’m not writing to discuss the performance itself, which was impeccably sung and acted. My concern is with G.W. Clift’s review in .

  • ‘America is all about cultural appropriation’

    I’d like to say a few words in defense of tacos and the Rolling Stones and your right to offend me. And my right to offend you. This comes up because of an offshoot of the debate over the .

  • This fight can bring us long-term harm

    I attended the school board forum Wednesday night at Manhattan High School to listen to student and citizen input on the proposal to change the school’s symbol. After listening to all sides, I do not envy the school board .

  • Merkel, Germany struggle

    Since the end of World War II, it has been a truism that as Germany goes, so goes Europe. Leaving out Russia, whose circumstances are different, no country in Europe has as much impact on the rest of the continent .

  • Forecast dreary for farmers

    All farmers know that it is crucial to become an expert at planning, preparing for conditions and forecasting future harvest yields. While natural weather patterns make that job difficult enough, an unelected federal agency makes that job even more difficult. .

  • Mr. Pence, help us understand

    Dear Vice President-Elect Mike Pence, About a week ago I heard you reiterate that you are “a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order.” Perhaps I am not alone in needing clarification. Your vote and that of an .

  • Will Trump, Putin work well together?

    During the presidential election campaign, there was a lot of discussion about how much Donald Trump admired Russian President Vladimir Putin and how Trump expected to work closely with him in a positive fashion if he was elected. Now that .

  • A few insights into Trump

    Whether you voted for President-elect Donald Trump or not, you undoubtedly would welcome insights into how the next president may approach the office. In the final weeks of the campaign, he demonstrated a discipline that gives us hope. At the .

  • Britain stumbles toward total confusion

    The United states is not the only country that has had political drama this year. In Britain, confusion and uncertainty have replaced what has been one of the most carefully structured political processes in Europe. Many other systems, including Canada’.

  • News literacy is a vital asset

    At precisely the same moment we face some of the most complicated and intractable challenges in the nation’s history, news literacy — most simply defined as the ability to judge the veracity of information — seems to have hit an all-time .


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