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  • EDITORIAL | One more policy reversal, please

    President Donald Trump’s recent spate of position reversals — on China, Russia, NATO and even Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen — has some Americans, particularly his hard-core supporters, nervous and most others delighted.

  • Free Kansas from Brownback

    Duane Goossen Contributing Writer Kansas is thrashing in Gov.

  • Trump getting some things right

    President Donald Trump in recent days has changed direction, mostly for the better, on multiple foreign affairs matters.

  • Focus should be on plight of Indians nations today

    To the Editor: How did the Indian and Manhattan High School become the object of controversy? There are many other schools throughout the United States with the same mascot or symbol.

  • EDITORIAL | After close race, business as usual?

    Maybe politicians just can’t help themselves.

  • Don’t privatize air traffic control

    Charles Reagan Contributing Writer On Monday, The Manhattan Mercury published an opinion piece from the Washington Post under the headline, “FAA modernization is essential.

  • EDITORIAL | ‘Involuntary deboarding’

    Airline passengers who needed a primer on the term “involuntary deboarding” got a graphic one via cellphone video of a passenger being dragged down the aisle of a United Airlines flight Sunday night at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.

  • Rural neighbors priceless

    Mary Mertz Contributing Writer Thirty years ago this week, my husband, Bob, and I loaded a U-Haul and drove away from the life I knew and loved in Chicago.

  • EDITORIAL | Former Sen. King has much to prove

    The individual the Legislative Coordinating Council chose on Friday to represent the Kansas Legislature in legal matters pertaining to the school finance bill and the Kansas Supreme Court is familiar with both school funding and the Supreme Court.

  • Governer’s policies have made Kansans suffer

    To the Editor: What kind of person do we have as governor of this state? During his tenure, he has brought Kansas to its knees financially.

  • EDITORIAL | Beer compromise not so ‘grand’

    Advocates of selling 6-percent beer in Kansas grocery stores, convenience stores and drug stores finally won a key legislative victory, with first the House of Representatives and then the Senate approving the measure last week.

  • Deadline nears to order military memorial bricks

    To the Editor: We would like to take this opportunity to remind citizens of Riley County that twice a year the names of veterans and loved ones are placed in the patio area of the Riley County Armed Forces Memorial.

  • Wonderful young people can be found everywhere

    To the Editor: Returning from a long trip, our plane had a medical emergency in Birmingham, Alabama.

  • EDITORIAL | Trump’s strike on Syria justified

    President Donald Trump acted appropriately Thursday in ordering an attack involving dozens of Tomahawk missiles on the Syrian airbase from which Syrian aircraft earlier this week launched a nerve gas attack that killed scores of civilians, including more than a dozen children.

  • Barton is proud to be a partner of Fort Riley

    To the Editor: On behalf of all of us at Barton Community College, I would like to publicly extend congratulations to the First Infantry Division at Fort Riley for celebrating its 100th year.

  • Let’s look at things from opponents’ point of view

    To the Editor: Our nation faces many real and serious challenges.

  • EDITORIAL | What has a century taught us?

    Every April 6 in the “Today in History” columns in U.

  • More research needed on USD 320 drug testing

    To the Editor: Our names are Phillip and Monica Shaffer, and we have a sophomore, freshman and fifth-grader in the Wamego School District.

  • EDITORIAL | Democrats making unforced error

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is about as partisan as a national lawmaker can be.

  • Marshall should go beyond recent photo-op

    To the Editor: It’s hard for us to get Republicans to come to Manhattan for town hall meetings, and I think it says a lot about Rep.

  • Let’s restore city’s links with the Kansas River

    To the Editor: A K-State landscape architecture class taught by Professor Alpa Nawre is developing ideas for connecting downtown Manhattan with the Kansas River frontage, including the east bank boat ramp area and Fairmont Park.

  • EDITORIAL | Online sales taxes worth pursuing

    Proposals in the Kansas Senate and House tax committees to tax Internet sales differ slightly, but both would make it easier for Kansas to collect sales taxes that Kansans already are supposed to be paying on purchases but often aren’t.

  • It’s past time to stop blaming the victims

    To the Editor: I read with interest — and a bit of “huh?” — Helen Roser’s letter in Friday’s paper.

  • Elected officials’ loyalty should be to constituents

    To the Editor: I have voted in every presidential election since I was eligible, and in most state and local elections as well.

  • Fans should give Weber the respect he deserves

    To the Editor: I read a quote lately that goes a bit like this, “Determined deafness does not respond to logical argument.


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