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  • Veto a setback for Kansas

    Kansas Gov.

  • Veto protects workers, families

    Sam Brownback Governor of Kansas Since the pioneers moved westward across the country and settled this fertile ground, our state has always held a promise for those who came here — that through dedication and hard work your standing in life can improve.

  • Skepticism about savings justified

    Kansas legislators’ caution Monday was well placed with regard to proposals from the governor’s office regarding the consolidation of all school districts’ employee health plans and centralizing school district purchasing statewide.

  • Shepherd’s Crossing grateful for support

    To the Editor: Shepard’s Crossing held its annual meeting Jan.

  • Reducing trffic deaths is up to us

    Traffic statistics have a hard time competing with Washington scandals, terrorist attacks or North Korean missile launches, but that doesn’t mean the information doesn’t merit attention.

  • We must learn more about indigenous culture

    To the Editor: I completely endorse the letter of David Jones in the Mercury last Wednesday regarding American history courses and historical projects in USD 383 schools, both elementary and secondary.

  • Tax bill a timely breakthrough

    Kansas Gov.

  • Marathon should get the message

    Were it not for the announced price of a muscular dystrophy drug, few Americans would likely have noticed that the Food and Drug Administration had approved its marketing in the united states.

  • Unreasonable fear holds peril

    Bradley Galka Contributing Writer The politics of unreasonable fear is nothing new in the United States.

  • Disappointing, but not surprising

    If Kansas lawmakers insist on allowing people to carry concealed firearms at the University of Kansas Medical Center, there’s virtually no chance the Legislature will prohibit them on college or university campuses.

  • Best wishes, Coach Snyder

    The first thing to say: Best wishes, Coach.

  • Kim family saga

    Kim Jong Nam wasn’t exactly a household name, except perhaps in the household of North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un.

  • Change MHS mascot; ‘education’ won’t work

    To the Editor: How long will the Mercury continue to print the trite and vacuous pleas of the Brothers Felber for the retention of the Indian mascot at Manhattan High SchEool? The community has had four or five opportunities since 1970 to change the mascot, and each time, I suspect, those in favor of retention have pledged fealty to the honorable idea of doing a better job of educating the students and the entire community about Native Americans.

  • On Bill Snyder, throat cancer and recovery

    Coach Bill Snyder’s announcement Monday he’s in treatment for throat cancer brings back personal memories to me that offer confidence he will bounce back as K-State football’s head man.

  • How about some real evidence?

    It’s baffling that people who want to be taken seriously continue to argue, without offering evidence, that voter fraud is widespread in the United States.

  • Thanks for helping make Troop 75 event a success

    To the Editor: On Feb.

  • DeVos deserves better in new post

    We’re not admirers of U.

  • Cultural education should go well beyond ‘Indians’

    To the Editor: As I sat down to write this response to the op-ed piece “MHS mascot as learning tool,” my wife reminded me of two things.

  • Air port costs… Up, up and away?

    We don’t know about you, but we feel a burst of pride when we look into the sky and see one of those commercial airliners approaching or taking off from Manhattan Regional Airport.

  • Learning about fascism, populism, nationalism

    To the Editor: During and after the election of U.

  • MHS mascot as learning tool

    Bill and Frank Felber Contributing Writers With the recent appointment of a committee, the Manhattan-Ogden Board of Education embarks on the second year of what has become at minimum a two year effort — the length of a full congressional term — to resolve the question of the Manhattan High School mascot.

  • What can be done about North Korea?

    Given President Donald Trump’s responses to Iran’s recent missile test, it would appear only a matter of time before we find ourselves facing down North Korea.

  • Must Trump fight with everyone?

    President Donald Trump, not without some justification, thinks of himself as a doer.

  • Fort Riley’s thunder is music to Americans’ ears

    To the Editor: The sound of freedom or noise and a nuisance disturbing one’s sleep? Which is it for you? In December we heard the stories of the aging men and women who fought the battles of World War II.

  • More dubious ideas from Kobach

    One of these years, a legislative session will come and go without a proposal from Secretary of State Kris Kobach that doesn’t focus on voter fraud or undocumented immigrants.


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