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  • I-70 is hardly just a ‘drug corridor’

    Good for the 10th U.

  • Not all Indians offended by high school’s mascot

    To the Editor: So who decided the proud American Indian was an offensive mascot? Apparently, schools across the country could be granted an exemption if they make an agreement with a federally recognized tribe, but will this stop the politically-correct police from storming our schools as they claim Indian mascots were never meant to honor but to celebrate their demise.

  • Citizens should learn about LGBT changes

    To the Editor: The Manhattan City Commission’s unanimous decision on Aug.

  • A kindler, gentler Trump

    You can credit the candidate or the Republican establishment that doesn’t want the party to get swept away in November, but with the conspicuous exception of his comments about Hillary Clinton, a kinder, gentler Donald Trump has hit the campaign trail.

  • Indian mascot shows tenacity, courage, pride

    To the Editor: I wonder if we could delve a little into the history of the American Indian (the only Native Americans).

  • Students can adapt to Hale cutbacks

    Given the role of libraries in education, it’s discouraging to learn that Hale Library, an icon of learning and research at Kansas State University, will no longer be open 24 hours a day.

  • A great addition

    On a much happier note, Wefald Hall, the university’s newest residence hall – so new, in fact, that the finishing touches are still being applied– welcomed more than 500 students over the weekend.

  • Moscow and Crimea: Signs of renewed trouble

    It seems like the world can’t exist without a crisis somewhere — a situation that can turn into a war with all that portends.

  • City must do more to keep business climate healthy

    To the Editor: Hastings is going out of business, and over the next few weeks its Manhattan store will be picked clean as bored cashiers wait to lose their jobs.

  • Christians should reach out to those our society rejects

    To the Editor: Given the current political climate and a public discourse dominated by fear and anger, it is time for those of us who claim to follow Christ to be reminded again of our calling.

  • Does Rodriguez have an encore?

    It’s amazing how much legislation one individual can influence simply by winning an election without having served a moment on the board to which he was elected.

  • ‘Extreme vetting’ is wrong solution

    It has taken a while, but Donald Trump, who once called for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,” has tried to scale that back, or at least make it sound less offensive.

  • ‘Extreme vetting

    It has taken a while, but Donald Trump, who once called for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,” has tried to scale that back, or at least make it sound less offensive.

  • Does Kansas offer enough opportunity?

    On a subject that is particularly timely given the beginning of the academic year, Blake Flanders, president and CEO of the Kansas Board of Regents, raised a troubling trend with fellow board members at the Regents’ recent retreat in Wichita.

  • Rio Olympics filled with inspiration, achievement

    Rio Olympics filled with inspiration, achievement To the Editor: I have good news: The world in which we live is not broken! It may be “bent” in some places, but it is subject to being salvaged.

  • Bracing for more budget cuts?

    It’s tough to be optimistic about the state’s financial situation when the governor’s office “asks” state agencies, including universities, to consider the possibility of 5-percent spending cuts.

  • Start of school is a community event

    The day countless young people in this and neighboring communities would probably like to put off at least a little longer is at hand.

  • Public’s guidance would be helpful to commissioners

    To the Editor: I would like to thank the Riley County commissioners for considering further planning and public input before selling property containing the County Annex building, the Pawnee Mental Health Services facility, the Riley County EMS facility and the Platt House, which houses the Genealogical Society and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

  • Southern Poverty Law Center a well respected organization

    To the Editor: Contrary to what Michael Dikeman asserts, there is no large majority of Americans who support his premise.

  • Thanks for making church’s annual fish fry a big success

    To the Editor: The Bethel AME Church family would like to extend our deepest thanks and gratitude to the Manhattan community for the support which was given during the third annual fish fry on Aug.

  • Dogs will enjoy Rollover U

    To the Editor: I learned last week of an amazing educational university! It’s called Rollover U.

  • Thanks for your vote; please vote in November

    To the Editor: To those who helped me and to those who voted for me in the primary election, thank you.

  • North Korea frustratinng, but not so complicated

    For years analysts have tried to understand what makes North Korea tick.

  • Which direction will Kansas go?

    Duane Goossen Contributing Writer Kansas has come to a “T” in the road and must decide which way to turn.

  • County apology a good step

    The first 11 days of August were chaotic enough for the Riley County Commission that it’s fair to wonder if commissioners know what they’re doing.


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