• Board finds a way forward

    Members of the Manhattan-Ogden Board of Education got it about right Wednesday night in their handling of the future of the Indian as the symbol of Manhattan High School.

  • ‘Annie’ audience was just fine

    I had the good fortune to attend “Annie” with my mother a week ago Wednesday.

  • A somber anniversary

    Only a relative handful of Americans who were there can recall the attack on Pearl Harbor as if it happened yesterday.

  • Manhattan should be on right side of history

    To the Editor: I could spout statistics for days about the oppression of minorities, about white privilege in this country and about cultural appropriation and the misuse of other cultures’ icons for our own gain.

  • Mythology of mascot trivializes real people

    To the Editor: As I listened to the speakers last Wednesday night, the lack of knowledge about real indigenous people proved the disconnect among mascot supporters.

  • It isn’t the mascot that makes MHS great

    To the Editor: As a parent of children in USD 383 and a Kansan who is proud of our state’s strong public education, I enjoy giving my time and resources to our schools.

  • ‘America is all about cultural appropriation’

    I’d like to say a few words in defense of tacos and the Rolling Stones and your right to offend me.

  • State jobless outlook troubling

    It’s discouraging that the state’s economists expect Kansas to have a higher jobless rate than the nation as a whole beginning in 2018, but it’s hardly catastrophic.

  • Teach students to be culturally competent

    To the Editor: As a resident of Manhattan, I feel we’ve reached a point where we must seriously and conscientiously weigh the potential negative consequences on indigenous students of keeping the Manhattan High School mascot against the benefits of protecting nostalgia for MHS alumni or the pride of current students.

  • Ignorance evident in ‘POWWOW’ headline

    To the Editor: I attended the Nov.

  • Let’s correct our error, and retire MHS mascot

    To the Editor: Mascots should never, ever be ethnic groups, especially not marginalized ethnic groups.

  • Board should reject politically correct move

    To the Editor: I am a 28-year, four-war veteran of the U.

  • A good season can get better

    Congratulating KSU football coach Bill Snyder isn’t quite a daily occurrence, but lately it has seemed that way.

  • Thanks, Coach Snyder, for setting the bar high

    To the Editor This is an open letter to Bill Snyder.

  • Mascot is a caricature, ‘inherently demeaning’

    To the Editor: Native Americans have been subjected to systematic physical and cultural genocide for hundreds of years.

  • Nostalgia can’t offset decades of suffering

    To the Editor: On Nov.

  • Bullying won’t stop if mascot is changed

    To the Editor: My husband and I have lived in the Manhattan area for the past 42 years, both having graduated from schools in eastern Kansas.

  • Colburn not disqualified from voting on Indian

    To the Editor: Bill Felber’s assertion that Dave Colburn should abstain from voting on the mascot issue is disrespectful.

  • Board should consider compromise on mascot

    To the Editor: Bob Funk made excellent points about compromise regarding the MHS mascot in a column in Sunday’s Mercury.

  • This fight can bring us long-term harm

    I attended the school board forum Wednesday night at Manhattan High School to listen to student and citizen input on the proposal to change the school’s symbol.

  • Better, perhaps, but not yet good

    It’s not good when one of the highlights of Kansas’ most recent monthly revenue report is that the state whittled $1.

  • Merkel, Germany struggle

    Since the end of World War II, it has been a truism that as Germany goes, so goes Europe.

  • Remember loved ones, help Homecare, Hospice

    To the Editor: Homecare & Hospice’s Light of Life Memorial gives individuals a unique opportunity to honor the memory of their loved ones during this holiday season.

  • ‘ReImage’ won’t stop with change of mascot

    To The Editor: If the news reporting of Wednesday night’s forum is accurate –— as I assume it to be — then the group “ReImage MHS” has lately changed its name to “ReImage MHK.

  • Enjoy history, holidays at Peace Auditorium

    To the Editor: Two great family events will be held in the coming days at Peace Memorial Auditorium, 1101 Poyntz Ave.


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