Thursday, July 28, 2016


  • Editorials | July 27, 2016

    Clinton stakes claim to history

    Tuesday was Hillary Clinton’s day. A former first lady, U.S. senator and secretary of state, she became the first woman to be the presidential nominee of a major American political party.

  • Letters | July 27, 2016

    Racial bias evident in marijuana arrests

    The Coalition for Equal Justice believes that Riley County disparities reflect the national pattern of racially biased enforcement of drug prohibition laws by means of “investigatory” or “pretext” stops.

  • Letters | July 27, 2016

    Marshall knows value of forging consensus

    Choosing effective leaders is important. In Kansas’ 1st Congressional District race, Dr. Roger Marshall is the choice of virtually all of the major agriculture organizations because we believe it’s time for a different approach.

  • Editorials | July 26, 2016

    Full Olympic ban of Russia justified

    Criticism of the International Olympic Committee is appropriate in view of the panel’s decision to diminish the harm of Russia’s systematic and long-term corruption of athletics and cheating.

  • Letters | July 26, 2016

    Marshall realizes ‘lone wolf’ legislating is ineffective

    Kansas Farm Bureau supports the political endorsement Kansas Farm Bureau’s VOTE FBF (Voters Organized to Elect Farm Bureau Friends) decision to endorse challenger Dr. Roger Marshall over incumbent Rep. Tim Huelskamp

  • Letters | July 26, 2016

    Rodriguez will make sure to put county residents first

    Riley County Commissioner Bob Boyd proposes to sell your taxpayer-owned Riley County office building and then use your tax dollars to lease it back as an expense going forward.

  • Editorials | July 25, 2016

    Clinton dogged by DNC emails

    Just what Hillary Clinton needed on the eve of the Democratic National Convention: an email scandal. Granted, this one apparently wasn’t of her making — at least there is no indications to that effect — but the taint lingers.

  • Letters | July 25, 2016

    We often know little about those we’re around daily

    I am white and I am not an expert on race, but I do recognize and understand white privilege and the role it plays in our society. I also understand the differences faced by minorities when compared to whites.

  • Editorials | July 23, 2016

    LGBT inclusion is a step forward

    If including individuals regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity in Manhattan’s anti-discrimination ordinance was little more than a gesture, it was a powerful gesture.

  • Letters | July 23, 2016

    Keep lawns green, healthy while minimizing water use

    Smart Irrigation Month is an Irrigation Association (IA) initiative designed to increase awareness of efficient outdoor water use practices.

  • Letters | July 23, 2016

    Socialism is easy to fault but we’re dependent on it

    The average person on the street has become so used to government handouts that we fail to even recognize it as socialism. Confronted, the response is, if we don’t take it, someone else will.

  • Letters | July 23, 2016

    Protect America’s good cops and throw out the bad ones

    Murderous people in the cover of blue uniforms go unpunished and those who feel oppressed rise up in fury. In no way do I condone this violence, but I can understand it.

  • Columns | July 23, 2016

    China takes control of the South China Sea

    The U.N. Permanent Court of Arbitration’s recent decision in the dispute between China and the Philippines over control of the the South China Sea wasn’t some incidental action. It was important.

  • Columns | July 22, 2016

    Another Charlie Brown election?

    Election cycle after election cycle, moderate Republicans across the state put the football down, only to pull it away, leaving gullible Kansans flat on their backs.

  • Editorials | July 21, 2016

    Congressional break hardly deserved

    A congressional recess nearly two months long is tough to beat, especially if it follows a break for the Fourth of July. Folks who get that much time off must really deserve it. Or not.

  • Letters | July 21, 2016

    Local blacks must endure undue scrutiny from RCPD

    I now think it’s high time we quit ignoring the behavior of some of our police officers just because they wear a uniform and a badge.

  • Letters | July 21, 2016

    On commission pay, Boyd’s silence speaks volumes

    Riley County Commissioner Ben Wilson proposed rolling back his salary. Commissioner Ron Wells pro-posed to freeze his.

  • Editorials | July 20, 2016

    Riley County Fair promises hot times

    We don’t know who’ll claim the ribbons at this year’s Riley County Fair, but we’ll bet that temperatures hovering around 100 degrees will ensure handsome profits for folks selling lemonade.

  • Letters | July 20, 2016

    Thanks for making benefit garage sale a huge success

    Last weekend I had a garage sale at the First Presbyterian Church here in Manhattan. This was a benefit to raise money for MECP2 Duplication Syndrome treatment and research.

  • Letters | July 20, 2016

    You can count on Rodriguez to control county spending

    On Aug. 2, we will be having a very urgent primary election. With municipal budgets, expenditures and salaries continuing to rise, it really seems to be leaving us all in a state of dissension and apathy.

  • Letters | July 20, 2016

    Event on the 1951 flood educational, enlightening

    A big thank-you goes to the speakers who recently shared information about the 1951 flood, which ravaged many parts of Kansas.

  • Editorials | July 19, 2016

    This isn’t how Trump planned it

    A participant on an MSNBC panel, Rep. Steve King all but dismissed the contributions nonwhites have made to civilization.

  • Letters | July 19, 2016

    Westar is trying to erect obstacles to clean energy

    Why is Westar asking customers to “buy-in” to its wind energy program when there has been very little or no education about the program?

  • Letters | July 19, 2016

    Solar Car Challenge entries to refuel here Wednesday

    Manhattan welcomes the Solar Car Challenge on Wednesday, July 20, for “Display Day.” Display Day has a multitude of meanings, as these high school students from across America will have their solar cars on public display in Blue Earth Plaza.

  • Letters | July 19, 2016

    Marshall is committed to sound policy, not politics

    We are proud to be supporting Dr. Roger Marshall, Republican for the U.S. House. We have been incredibly impressed both by his credentials and his understanding of the issues facing the citizens of Kansas and our country.

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