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  • I Wonder |Local |Business | September 11, 2015

    Why don’t bank signs display the same temperature?

    Q: Banks and other businesses have “time and temperature” signs all over town, but it seems like they can never agree on what the temperature actually is. What gives? A: After a brief jaunt through town in the “I Wondermobile,” I can confirm there’s

  • I Wonder |Local |Kansas State University | September 01, 2015

    What happened to the flowers at the corner of Kimball and College?


    Q: Whatever happened to that beautiful purple-and-white flower arrangement at the corner of Kimball and College avenues? It was a nice welcome combined with the Kansas State University sign at that edge of the campus. If the flowers were removed because of construction in that

  • I Wonder |Local | August 28, 2015

    Is there any penalty for pool poopers?


    Q: If someone has a “No. 2” accident in a city pool and it has to be closed, is there a penalty or fine for the perpetrator? A: It can certainly be a bit frustrating when your plans are interrupted by fecal matters, as has happened

  • I Wonder |Local |Government & Politics | August 18, 2015

    When is the city going to fix the bricks on South Juliette Avenue?


    Q: When are they planning to fix South Juliette directly in front of the public library? It feels like I’m driving on a washboard. A: Doggone it, we’re always sorry to bear bad tidings, but the city has no current plans to upgrade

  • I Wonder |Local |Police, Courts & Emergency | August 14, 2015

    Do police have a special tool to break vehicle windows?


    Q: Summer is winding down, but the danger of children or pets left in hot vehicles hasn’t gone away. Do police carry anything to help break windows? A: Yes, police will be able to break your car window in an emergency. Riley County Police

  • I Wonder |Local |Government & Politics | August 07, 2015

    Does Manhattan have an ordinance against public nudity?

    Q: I’ve heard a hullabaloo about some nudists in Topeka, where public nudity is apparently legal — what about Manhattan? Must I wear clothes whilst in public? A: Ah yes, Steven Herrold, the Topekan who enjoys hiking and biking in the buff, has raised quite

  • I Wonder |Local |Business | July 31, 2015

    Is something going on with Colbert Hills’ water bills?


    Q: Is something strange going on with the water bills at Colbert Hills? A: If you’re a golfer, your only worry about water out at Jim Colbert’s jewel is whether or not you might shank a brand new Titleist into a blue and

  • I Wonder |Local |Traffic | July 24, 2015

    What’s the best route to avoid road construction?

    Q: I live on the west side of town and work on the east side of town. With all the construction, I feel like I can’t get anywhere. How can I get across town, and when will all this be over? A: Have you

  • I Wonder |Local |Traffic | July 10, 2015

    What is the city’s official designation for Nutmeg?


    Q: There’s a street in Manhattan called Nutmeg near the intersection of Casement and Butterfield roads. Except apparently it’s not a street, drive, or a road, or anything, because the street sign just says “Nutmeg” and nothing else. Is that possible? Or is

  • I Wonder |Local | June 19, 2015

    Why did officials send 1,000 sandbags to Manhattan?

    Q: Why did Manhattan officials request 1,000 sandbags from the Army Corps of Engineers earlier this week? Compared to the 43,000 sent to the Blue River Basin, it doesn’t seem like the 1,000 will help us out all that much if flooding actually occurs. Also, what will

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