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  • I Wonder | April 12, 2013

    Is that pic of Obama doing the K-S-U pose legit?


    Q: I saw a photo online of what appears to be President Obama making the “U” in the “K-S-U” cheer with a couple of young women. Did that really happen, or is that a hoax that somebody made up using Photoshop?

  • I Wonder | April 02, 2013

    The buses are well-enough marked already


    Q: Why don’t USD 383 school buses have license plates?

  • I Wonder | March 26, 2013

    How was law board members’ attendance?

    Q: Much has been said at the City Commission forums so far this cycle about the Law Board and Riley County Police Department budget. I’m curious who the Law Board members were the past 24 months and what their record of attendance was? What percentage,

  • I Wonder | March 25, 2013

    Was Sherow e-mail authentic?

    Q: An e-mail made the rounds Friday and I wanted to know if it’s authentic. It was purported to be from Jim Sherow. Can you check into it?

  • I Wonder | March 24, 2013

    Is the county violating its nepotism policy?


    Q: In looking at the Riley County Commission’s agenda packet of Feb. 28, I noticed that the county had hired a person named Blake Vargo as a temporary election worker. The hourly wage was listed at $8.48 per hour and the position was listed as part-time.

  • I Wonder | March 22, 2013

    Should I pull over right away or wait for place to turn off?


    Q: I’ve always wondered. . . if the RCPD pulls you over on a major road like Kimball or Bluemont, would the police officers prefer you to pull over immediately and block the outside lane of these streets or follow you for a ways until you

  • I Wonder |Men's Basketball | March 20, 2013

    Why is it Us vs. To Be Determined?


    Q: I see that K-State is supposed to play the winner of a “play-in” game in the first round of the NCAA basketball tournament. How come K-State, which is a No. 4 seed, plays the winner of a play-in game? I thought the play-in games automatically

  • I Wonder | March 19, 2013

    Why was the arson case made federal?


    Q. I read the stories last week about the two people brought up on federal charges for the deadly apartment fire and the two others who robbed Dara’s Fast Lane who were also brought up on federal charges. Why were these case made federal?

  • I Wonder | March 13, 2013

    Why does the Mercury print teachers’ pay information?


    Q: Why is the Mercury again going to put teachers’ pay information in the paper? Why don’t you use that space to cover meaningful items related to education, and to inform readers of all the positive things going on in education? Also, can’t

  • I Wonder | March 08, 2013

    Who’s the parent of this child?


    Q. I read your story that ran March 4 about the origin of Fake Patty’s Day, and it doesn’t match the stories I’ve heard. Wasn’t it the beer distributors who started it?

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