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  • I Wonder | July 05, 2013

    Does Manhattan need 2 assistant city managers?


    Q: Why do we need two assistant city managers? Assistant City Manager Jason Hilgers’ primary responsibility has been the downtown redevelopment. Now that the downtown redevelopment is essentially complete, what is his primary responsibility now? What were Lauren Palmer’s responsibilities? Do we really need

  • I Wonder | July 04, 2013

    A pair of Stampede questions


    Q: Why is Country Stampede held in late June every year? Seems like it always rains, or is really hot, or both. Couldn’t they hold it at a better time, weather-wise?

  • I Wonder | July 03, 2013

    What the intersection cameras are watching for


    Q: What is the purpose of those cameras that have been mounted on the traffic signals at Bluemont and Juliette? I understand there may be some at other intersections too.

  • I Wonder | July 02, 2013

    What would happen if Superman actually did visit Kansas State?


    Q: In the movie “Man of Steel,” Clark Kent’s dad states: “I found that metal and took it to Kansas State University to have it analyzed. I was told it was not from this world.” Who did Superman see at KSU? Who met Superman?

  • I Wonder | June 25, 2013

    Is Kansas losing people to other states?


    Q: I heard Sam Brownback on TV the other day claiming that Kansas is losing population to Texas and Colorado. He contends that it’s because of the tax structure in Kansas. Is that true?

  • I Wonder | June 21, 2013

    Why isn’t poison hemlock considered a noxious weed?


    Q. Why isn’t the spread of the poison hemlock plant being controlled? It isn’t just a problem in the countryside, it’s also growing along Tuttle Creek Boulevard, and the Miller Ranch and Northview neighborhoods have stands of it. Poison hemlock spreads rapidly

  • I Wonder | June 13, 2013

    Why doesn’t athletics give K-State its extra money?


    Q: I see in The Mercury that the Big 12 will be sending $22 million to each of the eight continuing “schools” in the league. From that, one can assume that Kansas State University will receive $22 million, which the university could sure use to reduce student tuition

  • I Wonder | June 07, 2013

    What is this company that sponsors soccer teams?


    Q. My three grandchildren are all playing soccer this year. I noticed that all of the micro-soccer teams have been sponsored this year by an organization called Cool Care Club. What is this? What’s its connection to soccer and to our community?

  • I Wonder | June 04, 2013

    What’s that tower that looks sort of like a bottle brush?


    Q: Two questions: (1) I wonder what that strange tower is behind the Pebblebrook Apartments off Anderson Avenue? It looks like a very tall bottle brush. Cell phone tower disguised as a tree? (2) I wonder what is being built just south of the high school? A

  • I Wonder | May 28, 2013

    Concealed gun applications up here, too


    Q: A record number of concealed-handgun permits have been applied for since the first of the year. I wonder how many of those applications have been received from persons in Riley County? In Manhattan?

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