Monday, May 30, 2016

News - I Wonder

  • I Wonder |Local |Government & Politics | May 17, 2016

    Can anyone apply to be a judge in Riley County District Court?


    Q: I read that Riley County District Court is losing one of its three judges to retirement. I’ve always wanted to be a judge, and I’d definitely wear shorts under that long robe. Can I apply? A: Well you’re certainly free to

  • I Wonder |Local |Business | May 06, 2016

    I keep seeing Ryder trucks; where are they going?


    Q: Every morning on my drive into Manhattan I see at least three Ryder moving trucks going north on U.S. Highway 77. Then, the other day, I saw some Ryder trucks heading south back into town at about 3 p.m. It seems so strange. Where

  • I Wonder |Local | May 03, 2016

    Did the Corps ever fix the sinkhole near the tubes at Tuttle Creek Lake?


    Q: Where do things stand with the sinkhole by the tubes at Tuttle Creek? The engineers said they would fix it last October during the quinquennial inspection of the stilling basin. A: “Quinquennial.” Good word. For those of you without a knowledge of Latin prefixes,

  • I Wonder |Local |Business | April 29, 2016

    Why were the trees at the mall near Dillard’s removed?


    Q: Why were the trees at the mall near Dillard’s removed? A: Much like the former Sears store, several trees around Manhattan Town Center have been targeted for reincarnation. Sears closed its doors in December 2014 and was demolished last fall to make way for

  • I Wonder |Local |Business | April 09, 2016

    What can I do with my old TV?


    Q: My old TV was working fine until everything switched to high definition. Now I can’t get a signal and I don’t want to put it in the trash. Is anyone interested in old TVs? A: If you mean you have an older

  • I Wonder |Local |Kansas State University | April 05, 2016

    Can Noel Schulz still take her sabbatical?


    Q: I read that Noel Schulz was approved for a sabbatical. Could she still take it, now that she and Kirk are leaving for Washington State? A: Ah, the sabbatical. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Sort of an extended paid vacation. OK, so there are

  • I Wonder |Local |Traffic |Business | March 29, 2016

    Is there a fix for traffic congestion near Starbucks?


    Q: It seems like eastbound traffic is backed up every morning on Bluemont Avenue near Aggieville, primarily because cars trying to get into Starbucks are backed up into the street. Is the city planning to do anything to ease that congestion? A: Right this minute?

  • I Wonder |Local |Business | March 22, 2016

    What is going on with Five Guys Burgers and Fries?


    Q: What is going on with Five Guys Burgers and Fries and Mattress Firm? I thought the hamburger place was going to be in the freestanding building and Mattress Firm in the building attached to the main structure in the east side complex. Now I

  • I Wonder |Local |Business | March 15, 2016

    Will AMC’s purchase of Carmike affect the new theater?


    Q: How will AMC’s purchase of Carmike affect the movie theater being built at the mall? A: You asked a good question, and good questions deserve good answers. However, we don’t always get what we deserve. Kansas City-based AMC Theaters announced the $1.1 billion

  • I Wonder |Local |Kansas State University | March 11, 2016

    Why doesn’t K-State have physical therapists on staff?


    Q: With all the injuries to the Kansas State football program this year, why weren’t there any physical therapists on staff in the athletic department? A: This is true, and while there is no physical therapist on the payroll in the athletic department, it

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