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  • Off The Beat | November 09, 2014

    The (11th) happiest place on earth

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    Whatever problems might be lurking during the daytime, Kansans apparently don’t lose much sleep over them. At least, that’s one of many facts unearthed in a national survey conducted by WalletHub, a social media outlet that studies financial and lifestyle issues in the

  • Off The Beat | November 02, 2014

    The most wonderful time of the year


    November has been my favorite month for years, but depending on how it goes this year, I don’t know if it can top the October I’ve had. Let’s just say last month was pretty good. I saw a lot of good friends,

  • Off The Beat | October 19, 2014

    Some fears, though illogical, hard to shake


    All the recent hysteria about the Ebola virus has had me thinking a lot about my irrational fears (one of which is Ebola). When I say “irrational fears,” I basically mean that the risk of that thing harming me or my even coming in contact

  • Off The Beat | October 12, 2014

    Learn a lesson from cartoons

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    Saturday morning cartoons are done, y’all. Finished. Dead. Raptured. Oct. 4 was the first Saturday since the 1960s with no cartoons on broadcast television. Where will the kids get their five hours of summer once a week? Cable? Yes. Netflix? Yes. YouTube? Yes. That’s

  • Off The Beat | October 05, 2014

    Improvement projects not always worth it


    For the last two weeks, I tried to be a better person. But I’ve concluded that I’m fine with being an OK person. Let’s start with week one. That’s the week that I tried being disciplined, which is something I thought

  • Off The Beat | September 28, 2014

    Conferences less scary as a parent

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    Manhattan High School recently wrapped up its fall parent-teacher conferences, generally one of the first signs that fall is upon us. While the cooler weather is nice, I was never too fond of my parents interacting with my teachers. By the time conferences rolled around,

  • Off The Beat | September 21, 2014

    Bluegrass festival proves cathartic


    By the time you are reading this, I will already have finished my second-ever attendance at the Walnut Valley Festival in my hometown of Winfield. And, if any of you remember my 24-hour diary from Country Stampede at Tuttle Creek State Park in June, it’

  • Off The Beat | September 14, 2014

    First attempt at gardening not so fruitful


    I’m not happy about the cold weather we’ve been having over the last few days, but I can appreciate it in at least this one respect: it’s an excuse for the sad state of my poor, dying garden. For the first time

  • Off The Beat | September 07, 2014

    Cleanliness not next to godliness


    If I could pick any aspect of daily living is hardest for me in my adult life, it would be maintaining a tidy, organized home. I’ve been contemplating whether I am capable of change or whether I should just accept that I’m messy.

  • Off The Beat | August 31, 2014

    Depression a dangerous monster

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    Depression a dangerous monster You’ve probably read something about depression since Robin Williams committed suicide. Yes, in the end he was a man who could make anyone happy but himself. The danger here, since Robin was famous and tributes have come pouring in, is

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