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  • Don’t let pizza ruin friendships Dylan.mercury

    In college my friends called me “the pizza czar.” I’m a fan of pizza. I believe it’s the best food item that has graced human existence. Some foodstuffs come close — like sandwiches — but nothing beats pizza. I’ve .

  • Not so new New Year’s resolutions Sc -- magazine mug.phatch

    Do you believe in New Year’s resolutions? They actually mean a lot to me, because some of my resolutions go all the way back to grammar school. Which is to say, they were not quite voluntary. For instance, my .

  • Reviving a morbid investment Greg doering047cut.mercury

    Tontines are completely illegal, a little morbid… and the future of investing. At least that’s a common theme among recent articles trumpeting economists, lawyers and academics touting these precursors to modern annuities as the savior of current and future .

  • Past hits and misses of gift buying Chris.mercury

    Buying presents for people is hard, especially when you’re working with a budget dependent on a journalist’s salary. For example, I can think of something that would make an absolutely perfect present for my younger sister — a pony. .

  • A crisis of identity…for friends Megan.moser1

    Once again, the mail was meant for me, but it didn’t bear my name. The envelope was addressed to a “Mr. and Mrs. Brendan Praeger.” Well, my husband is Mr. Brendan Praeger, but I’m not a Mrs. I .

  • Facing fear and getting back to living a normal life Sc -- magazine mug.phatch

    Many years ago, when I was in reasonable shape, a group of us ran 7 miles at noontime every day. We trained for marathons, ran 20 miles on a Saturday afternoon every other month, and even splashed along to log our miles .

  • Talking with pictures Lea.mercury

    According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the 2015 word of the year isn’t actually a word. It’s a very small digitally-produced image of a cartoon face crying tears of joy — otherwise known as the year’s most popular emoji — .

  • Becoming a freshman again Dylan.mercury

    After graduating from college almost two years ago, I am a freshman once again. Usually freshmen don’t show up on campus with only about five weeks left in the fall semester, but I’m special case. I’m not .

  • Battling the bulge (and the budget) Greg doering047cut.mercury

    Dining out in Manhattan has changed substantially since I first arrived at K-State in the fall of 2000, which is one reason why I now sport a thicker belly and thinner wallet. While I do miss some local establishments that have .

  • Realizing your age Sc -- magazine mug.phatch

    Went to a concert the other night, and it was terrific — until intermission. The lights came up, and suddenly I was looking around at more than a thousand people who appeared, well, somewhere around retirement age or beyond. My first .

  • First steps into football Lea.mercury

    After 24 years of life as a U.S. citizen, I’ve finally become a true American. I attended my first ever football game on Oct.11, 2015. You’d think growing up in the heart of New England Patriots territory — only one .

  • Presidential candidate measures up Chris.mercury

    Poor Lincoln Chafee. After his dismal performance during Tuesday’s democratic presidential debate, the former U.S. senator and governor from Rhode Island will be lucky to even be invited back for the next event. I suspect Chafee’s name .


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