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  • If the shoe fits, wear it Greg doering047cut.mercury

    I wanted to fill this space with aptonyms, the term for when a person’s name accurately describes their chosen profession, but I will admit I had some help compiling the list below. I announced the topic in a recent .

  • My father and his daughters Megan.moser1

    My dad was always one of those pretty manly guys. He grew up with three older brothers, and they tended to do lots of stereotypically masculine things: they played sports, they went hunting, they built stuff. In the summers, they .

  • Wordy to-do for summer Kristina.phatch

    There’s nothing I enjoy more in the summer than sitting on a park bench with a good book. Even though I’m three years out of school and now roughly as busy in the summer as I am any .

  • Memories magnify tornado fear Dylan.mercury

    I’ve lived almost all of my life in Kansas, and if there is one thing I know Kansans can agree on, it’s this: tornados fascinate us just as much as they scare us. To me, tornados seem like .

  • You can’t mess with nature Greg doering047cut.mercury

    A true Kansan, my first response upon hearing tornado sirens is to go outside and look at the sky. But I’m not crazy. I generally will spend less than a minute outside — just enough time to get an impending .

  • Take your dog to work for a little canine therapy Megan.moser1

    My dog, Scout, could never be a service dog. She’s definitely not disciplined enough to lead a blind person through the grocery store, for instance. She’s a little too hyper. A little too curious. She’d want to .

  • Here’s the straight dope on language Dylan.mercury

    My coworkers here at The Mercury like to make fun of me for using the word dope. I originally began using the word ironically (hipster much?) when I was a college student. The term had already fallen out of favor .

  • The true meaning of the day Kristina.phatch

    Mother’s Day might be a bit of a made up, greeting card holiday nowadays, but I don’t care. Sometimes I rebel against what I view as holidays invented by marketing companies. When Valentine’s Day rolls around, for .

  • Say ‘uncle’ ...and ‘aunt’ Dendurent1

    Even at my advanced age, I often think about my aunts and uncles, and my memories of them make me feel like a kid again. While I was growing up, I was particularly close to two sets of aunts and .

  • Planning a trip via IT support? Sc -- magazine mug.phatch

    It’s one of the world’s great fibs. You’re trying to make a call to some giant corporation, and you’re on hold for a half-hour waiting for someone in the Philippines or Bangladesh to try sorting out .

  • A love-hate friendship with ‘Stella’ Lea.mercury

    I never expected to be one of those people who name their cars. But then I met Stella, who happens to be my first car. Stella is a 2006 Subaru Forester (her full name is Stella Subes) with 170,000 miles. If I .

  • Generations don’t all fit in same box Dylan.mercury

    I’m 26 years old, the age of a quintessential millennial. Last year, I moved to Austin, Texas, for a new job that I thought would be a move in the right direction for my career. It did not go well, .


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