Off The Beat

  • Say ‘uncle’ ...and ‘aunt’ Dendurent1

    Even at my advanced age, I often think about my aunts and uncles, and my memories of them make me feel like a kid again. While I was growing up, I was particularly close to two sets of aunts and .

  • Planning a trip via IT support? Sc -- magazine mug.phatch

    It’s one of the world’s great fibs. You’re trying to make a call to some giant corporation, and you’re on hold for a half-hour waiting for someone in the Philippines or Bangladesh to try sorting out .

  • A love-hate friendship with ‘Stella’ Lea.mercury

    I never expected to be one of those people who name their cars. But then I met Stella, who happens to be my first car. Stella is a 2006 Subaru Forester (her full name is Stella Subes) with 170,000 miles. If I .

  • Generations don’t all fit in same box Dylan.mercury

    I’m 26 years old, the age of a quintessential millennial. Last year, I moved to Austin, Texas, for a new job that I thought would be a move in the right direction for my career. It did not go well, .

  • No experts allowed Brian-mug

    March (and some of April) Madness is almost over. The bracket you filled out has probably been finished. I don’t want to brag, but I do. As of Friday, my bracket is ranked 8th out of 34 at The Mercury. .

  • Swapping hats to lead to the real work Greg doering047cut.mercury

    Growing up working on my grandparents’ ranch, I learned early that a job requires one to wear many hats.  My training started as my grandfather’s sidekick/gate opener when checking cattle. Never one to pass on making a joke, .

  • Mad for March and its many reasons for celebration Chris.mercury

    March is the best month, and I can’t even count all of the reasons why. First, it’s a great sports month. Between basketball’s March Madness, baseball’s spring training and the tail end of hockey season, there’.

  • As they say, ‘it’ll dry eventually’ Megan.moser1

    After visiting Ireland last summer, here’s the best way I know to sum up the Irish people: They don’t believe in clothes dryers. My husband Brendan and I discovered this fact when, about halfway through our little self-guided .

  • The way to a faster caffeine buzz Dylan.mercury

    Coffee shops need an express lane. I’m not talking about a drive-thru, which many of the local coffee shops already utilize. I’m talking about a lane that is specifically designed to help people get their simple drinks faster .

  • Leap Day: It’s time for a change Greg doering047cut.mercury

    As anyone who’s observed children for any length of time knows, time is an artificial construct. My nieces and nephews, especially, understand that time is malleable as they’ve perfected turning five more minutes into something just short of .

  • Yes we can…write a great slogan Kristina.phatch

    Now that presidential primary season is fully underway, I’ve started thinking about a key part of any campaign: the slogan. There aren’t any especially memorable slogans this year, it seems, but every campaign is trying to make its .

  • Skimming the tabloids Sc -- magazine mug.phatch

    The check-out line at Dillon’s apparently has come to a halt. Normally, I don’t pay a lick of attention in situations like this — grocery shopping puts me in a bit of a daze — but the slowdown seemed to .


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