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  • Easter topped other holidays — until this year

    Everyone has a favorite holiday. For most, it is either Thanksgiving or Christmas. Maybe even Halloween. Although those are up there, my favorite has always been Easter. After further investigation, I realized that Easter is the least-stressful holiday of any .

  • Something’s fishy about this story

    A man with a bucket of live fish was approached by a game warden as he started to drive his boat away from a lake. The game warden asked the man, “May I see your fishing license, please?” “Naw, sir,” .

  • In defense of ‘real’ rock music

    While accepting the Grammy award for best rock performance this year, Dave Grohl, guitarist and lead singer of the Foo Fighters and the former drummer of Nirvana, said, “For me this award means a lot because it shows that the .

  • What do you mean ‘Where’s my column?’

    There’s no worse feeling than realizing you’ve forgotten to do something very important at work on a Friday afternoon. You’re all geared up to go and relax for the weekend when an unfortunate set of circumstances keeps .

  • Madly in love with tourney since 5th grade

    March Madness has always held a special place in my heart. I have looked forward to the tournament every year since I was a kid. But I really fell in love with the tournament when I was in the fifth .

  • AFib’s no fun, and that’s no lie

    For years, I have experienced the weird sensation of skipped heartbeats. They have occurred at play and at rest, at home and at work, during the day and at night. Early on, the occasional missed beats were symptomatized as light .

  • Oscars aren’t just about the awards

    So, the Oscars are tonight and, really, who doesn’t love watching a theater full of self-satisfied movie people congratulate themselves for three hours? I realize now that I haven’t actually seen any of the nine movies nominated for .

  • Sometimes it’s not the little things in life New burk

    There are some things people universally hate paying for: medical bills, cell phone bills, international plane tickets and ransoms, for example. Indeed, it isn’t fun paying for those things, but I also get irrationally upset when I have to .

  • Two words to solve Fake Patty’s Day: tow trucks

    I used to be young and stupid, and even at this hazy distance I have the vague recollection of having once or twice succumbed to the desire to get young and stupid drunk. But only once or twice. An extended .

  • What’s the matter with Kansas prep basketball?

    Forty-three years is a long time to wait to tell somebody you think they’re screwing up big-time. But it is not long enough for me to forget my poor opinion of the way the Kansas State High School Activities .

  • Her charm has little to do with good breeding Megan.moser1

    It’s a good thing puppies are cute. When I went home for lunch the other day, I found half a dozen shredded tissues on the floor and a bottle of my favorite hand lotion, its top torn off and .

  • He hears his calling: listening

    Have you ever wondered why you were put on this earth? It took me 23 years to realize my purpose, which occurred while I was playing bingo last Thursday. No, this is not going to delve in to another great date .


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