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  • Off The Beat | August 11, 2013

    The functionality of a facility


    We have in our house several pieces of Delft pottery. I bought them a couple decades ago, during a visit to the Netherlands, and put them on the walls of our dining room and on bookshelves. In the intervening two decades, there has not been

  • Off The Beat | August 04, 2013

    A lesson on growing up


    Growing up is a hard thing to do. The crash-course of life often gets especially hairy during adolescence. Being an only child, I didn’t have an older sibling to tell me about how to navigate the social aspect of school — no one to tell

  • Off The Beat | July 28, 2013

    Apologies are overrated

    Brian mug

    I understand that apologies are the right thing to say. If I stole your favorite CD, I’m supposed to apologize. You’re supposed to forgive me. The world keeps on spinning. What if I don’t want to apologize? Apologies are just meaningless words

  • Off The Beat | July 21, 2013

    I would rather be at The Summit


    Forty-nine years ago this month I attended the National Boy Scout Jamboree at Valley Forge, Pa. Me and several thousand other Scouts. Given the time lapse, I don’t recall many of the details, but some of the memories have stayed with me. The clearest

  • Off The Beat | July 14, 2013

    A force already within me


    “I was born with music inside me. Music was one of my parts. Like my ribs, my kidneys, my liver, my heart. Like my blood. It was a force already within me when I arrived on the scene. It was a necessity for me—like

  • Off The Beat | July 07, 2013

    Vacation anticipation


    I love to travel. But I’m beginning to think that I like planning my next trip more than the trip itself. I read a study recently that said merely thinking about a getaway boosts a person’s happiness for up to eight weeks prior

  • Off The Beat | June 30, 2013

    Traits of an only child


    Recently, when a guy was introducing himself to me, he said his sister was coming down for Stampede this weekend. I asked if he had other siblings. No, just the sister. Cool, I said. I’m an only child. Now there are a couple of

  • Off The Beat | June 23, 2013

    100 years bring a lot of change


    My mom would have turned 100 this year. She was born in Manhattan in 1913, increasing the city’s population to 7,001. New American flags had 48 stars then, but just barely — Arizona and New Mexico had just entered the Union the year before. The average life expectancy (for

  • Off The Beat | June 16, 2013

    The toughest sport there is

    Ned seaton

    Last week in this space, the incomparable Bill Felber argued that golf was superior to tennis. Careful readers of The Mercury probably noted that he did so only after he announced his impending retirement and said nice things about his bosses here at the paper

  • Off The Beat | June 09, 2013

    Minor differences

    Of the three “lifetime” sports —  bowling, golf and tennis — I am 85 percent a golfer, 15 percent a bowler and 0 percent a tennis player. That I have managed to work alongside members of the Seaton family for more than four decades thus may qualify in some

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