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  • Do you feel the love?

    Fall in love… Best of My Love… I Will Always Love You… love nest… Love Me Do. I Love You for Sentimental Reasons… love affair… Loving You Has Made Me Bananas… The Love Boat… Love Connection. The greatest of these .

  • Buying more books than I can read

    There are 38 books on my bookshelf that I have yet to read. I have an addiction. It’s almost impossible for me to walk past a bookstore without walking in to “browse.” It’s also pretty much impossible for me .

  • Lengthy recovery my own doing

    I accomplished a rather dubious feat this last week — fully buttoning my pants for the first time since the day before Thanksgiving. No, it’s not because I’ve finally lost weight put on over the holidays. Sadly that’s .

  • Digging into presidential trivia

    Last week I interviewed Ronnie Elmore from Kansas State University, an expert on presidential pets, for a story that was published in last Sunday’s paper. One of my favorite things about being a journalist is talking to people who .

  • Facebook jokes now a tribute

    My cousin Tom Maguire passed away recently. You may have known Tom. He grew up in Manhattan in the 1950s and 60s and graduated from Manhattan High School. He was the first of four cousins on my mom’s side .

  • The pitfalls, pleasures of pregnancy

    I went to the OB the other day, where the nurse informed me I’m 38 weeks, three days pregnant. That means I could give birth just about any minute now. (Although according to the office pool, most people think it .

  • Good things outweigh bad of 2016

    This year was somehow simultaneously one of the best and worst years of my life so far. A lot happened in my life in 2016. I spent more time in nature and tried to be healthy by working out, learning yoga .

  • Memories grow with home’s trees

    Poet Joyce Kilmer wrote: I think that I shall never see/A poem lovely as a tree. I like trees too. I enjoy looking at them as I walk. I appreciate their grandeur, their majesty, the refreshing shade they provide .

  • Simple Christmases also a gift

    The best Christmas tree I’ve ever seen was plain except for a garland of rope and three envelopes attached with wooden clothespins. My grandpa had put it up as a surprise for my sisters and me, and we were .

  • On the same page ...maybe

    My wife and I generally agree on the big things in a marriage like money, family and supporting each other. However, when it comes to the small things we often fail to adequately communicate what we’re thinking. Sometimes this .

  • My little brother, the marine

    Last weekend I traveled to San Diego with my mom, niece and nephew to watch my little brother graduate from Marine Corps boot camp training. I had mixed feelings about him joining the military in the first place, so I .

  • What’s your Manhattan eye-Q?

    How observant are you? If you’re a person who pays attention to your surroundings, then you should do pretty well on this quiz. It’s all about Manhattan stuff. 1. This quote from Horace Mann, a 19th century politician and .


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