Saturday, May 28, 2016

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  • Off The Beat | May 21, 2016

    Take your dog to work for a little canine therapy


    My dog, Scout, could never be a service dog. She’s definitely not disciplined enough to lead a blind person through the grocery store, for instance. She’s a little too hyper. A little too curious. She’d want to trot up to each person

  • Off The Beat | May 14, 2016

    Here’s the straight dope on language


    My coworkers here at The Mercury like to make fun of me for using the word dope. I originally began using the word ironically (hipster much?) when I was a college student. The term had already fallen out of favor as a legitimate slang word —

  • Off The Beat | May 07, 2016

    The true meaning of the day


    Mother’s Day might be a bit of a made up, greeting card holiday nowadays, but I don’t care. Sometimes I rebel against what I view as holidays invented by marketing companies. When Valentine’s Day rolls around, for example, I feel like we

  • Off The Beat | May 01, 2016

    Say ‘uncle’ ...and ‘aunt’


    Even at my advanced age, I often think about my aunts and uncles, and my memories of them make me feel like a kid again. While I was growing up, I was particularly close to two sets of aunts and uncles on my mom’s

  • Off The Beat | April 23, 2016

    Planning a trip via IT support?

    Sc -- magazine mug.phatch

    It’s one of the world’s great fibs. You’re trying to make a call to some giant corporation, and you’re on hold for a half-hour waiting for someone in the Philippines or Bangladesh to try sorting out a problem that makes you

  • Off The Beat | April 16, 2016

    A love-hate friendship with ‘Stella’


    I never expected to be one of those people who name their cars. But then I met Stella, who happens to be my first car. Stella is a 2006 Subaru Forester (her full name is Stella Subes) with 170,000 miles. If I had to guess her age

  • Off The Beat | April 09, 2016

    Generations don’t all fit in same box


    I’m 26 years old, the age of a quintessential millennial. Last year, I moved to Austin, Texas, for a new job that I thought would be a move in the right direction for my career. It did not go well, as you may be able

  • Off The Beat | April 03, 2016

    No experts allowed


    March (and some of April) Madness is almost over. The bracket you filled out has probably been finished. I don’t want to brag, but I do. As of Friday, my bracket is ranked 8th out of 34 at The Mercury. Unfortunately, I’ve watched too

  • Off The Beat | March 27, 2016

    Swapping hats to lead to the real work

    Greg doering047cut.mercury

    Growing up working on my grandparents’ ranch, I learned early that a job requires one to wear many hats.  My training started as my grandfather’s sidekick/gate opener when checking cattle. Never one to pass on making a joke, my grandfather was a fan

  • Off The Beat | March 20, 2016

    Mad for March and its many reasons for celebration


    March is the best month, and I can’t even count all of the reasons why. First, it’s a great sports month. Between basketball’s March Madness, baseball’s spring training and the tail end of hockey season, there’s a lot for sports

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