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  • Movies | October 23, 2015

    Spielberg’s ‘Bridge of Spies’ full of useless complications


    There is always a little distance between a moviegoer and a Steven Spielberg movie. The most popular of his films are full of emphasized and sometimes arresting images, but they don’t really mean all that much. Consider “Jaws,” “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” “

  • Movies | October 19, 2015

    ‘The Martian’ a lot more fun to watch than ‘Gravity’


    After the successful space disaster movie “Gravity,” there were bound to be more. In “The Martian” Matt Damon plays the headstrong botanist and astronaut Mark Watney. Accompanied by others and led by Mission Commander Melissa Lewis (Jessica Chastain), Mark is on a mission to study

  • Movies | October 16, 2015

    ‘99 Homes’ makes a story out of the failure of bureaucracy


    Like “Pawn Sacrifice,” “99 Homes” is a movie about recent American history. The two films are “small” in the sense that they weren’t big-budget studio projects. But they both had enough money spent in their making, and they are both helped by solid casting. They

  • Movies | October 15, 2015

    Strong cast holds viewer’s attention in ‘Pawn Sacrifice’


    “Pawn Sacrifice,” director Edward Zwick’s version of the 1972 Fischer vs Spasky chess match, is one of a pair of new movies now playing in Manhattan that might not have been shown here even six months ago. It and “99 Homes” seem to show that the

  • Movies | October 13, 2015

    ‘Hell and Back’ decidedly adult and downright dreadful

    An animated feature that comes to Manhattan usually means an outing for me and one or more of the kids. This was not the case with “Hell and Back.” Decidedly adult in content and delivery, “Hell and Back” follows a trio of friends that work

  • Movies | October 12, 2015

    ‘Sicario’ is a quality, if brutal, film


    It is hard to fathom just how violent and cruel the drug cartels have become in Mexico. The Denis Villeneuve-directed film “Sicario” takes that cruelty and casts it against the desperation of the law and order ideal trying to combat it. The film begins with

  • Movies | October 08, 2015

    Joel Edgerton’s ‘The Gift’ pick of October DVD releases


    Movie fans who buy or rent DVD versions of recent films will find some interesting titles fresh out this month. “Avengers 2, Age of Ultron” makes its debut on home-viewing media, so you can take Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson home with you, if you

  • Movies | October 02, 2015

    ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’ a sequel better than the original

    This week the long awaited, by my daughter anyway, sequel to the 2012 Adam Sandler animated flick “Hotel Transylvania” arrived in Manhattan. With the exception of Keegan-Michael Key replacing CeeLo Green as Murray the mummy, the lead voice actors remain the same. Adam Sandler voices Dracula,

  • Movies | September 30, 2015

    ‘Everest’ offers considerable adventure for non-climbers


    Everybody knows Sir Edmund Hillary said he climbed Mount Everest “Because it is there.” Except that the first conqueror of the mountain didn’t say that. It was something English climber George Mallory said. And he died trying to reach the peak of Everest in 1924.

  • Movies | September 28, 2015

    In flipping cliche, ‘The Intern’ is generally entertaining


    One of the most familiar cliches of American movies and television gets flipped in Nancy Meyers’s new movie “The Intern.” For decades we’ve seen entertainments that insisted men spend too much time at work and not enough on their family lives. The message

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