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  • Suspense film ‘Cabin in the Woods’ picks up steam at the end G.w.clift1

    While in real life one learns to look out for the jacket-less guys in the colored dress shirts, in the movies it’s the guys in white shirts, sometimes even short-sleeved, and black ties that seem to require attention. Richard .

  • ‘American Reunion’ isn’t much, but we stick around anyway G.w.clift1

    The surprising thing about “American Reunion,” the new “American Pie” movie, is that the sexual subjects bothering its characters manage to keep ticket holders attention on the screen. The predictable thing about “American Reunion” is everything else. Based on a 1999 .

  • ‘Wrath of Titans’ lacks decent plot, thoughtful script G.w.clift1

    Centuries of study and art have been devoted to the gods, goddesses and demigods of the Ancient Greeks. Greek myth should provide a good source of plots for a fair number of movies. I wish I could say what it .

  • Pickings are slim on new-release DVD shelves G.w.clift1

    In the spring, folks go outside. If they are going to buy things, they buy Easter clothes. So Hollywood puts relatively few recent general release titles out on home viewing media. What would be the point? Consequently, when you go .

  • ‘Mirror, Mirror’ tries to be politically correct ‘Snow White’ G.w.clift1

    Americans assumed fairy tales taught their children something about how to live. So some parents weren’t too happy about the message of Cinderella, who seems to be celebrated and loved simply because of how she is born—beautiful. An .

  • ‘Hunger Games’ is much talked-about, but is it good? G.w.clift1

    This seems as routine as a Carmike ticket price rise. One pays $7 to see a matinee of a movie about poor people competing and in the end, despite long odds, winning some sort of contest. So what is it that .

  • Theater ready for midnight release of ‘Hunger Games’

    What is to fill the vacuum left after the conclusion of the Harry Potter series and the Twilight saga? For the moment, it is the Hunger Games trilogy. Together, the young-adult books by Suzanne Collins have sold 23.5 million copies (in .

  • ‘21 Jump Street’ proves pretty good silly fun G.w.clift1

    One of the fledgling Fox television network’s first shows was a sort of “Mod Squad” of the 1980s. Called “21 Jump Street,” it featured young Johnny Depp (for a while) and Peter DeLuise (who I think was Dom’s son) .

  • ‘Acceptable’ film ‘John Carter’ generally follows novel Christopher.conner1

    There are a few different ways to approach a film based on a well-known novel. A few films go all out and try to reproduce the minutiae, which is understandable. Some will go to the opposite extreme and slap the .

  • ‘Silent House’ is interesting but has weaknesses G.w.clift1

    “Silent House” is a new scary movie about which there are many interesting features. It was shot (apparently) in “real time” with just one camera shot that runs something over eighty minutes. That’s interesting. It is not rated. That’.

  • Moviegoers will find ‘Gone’ a satisfying suspense thriller G.w.clift1

    Those readers who like classic suspense thrillers will want to get out and catch “Gone” before it is. Heitor Dhalia’s streamlined little pulse prompter will have its audiences ducking and swerving and glibly nodding along with a heroine played .

  • ‘Project X’ is a quickly melting snowball G.w.clift1

    First time director Nima Nourizadeh’s “Project X,” advertised as having been produced by Todd Phillips, is a fast melting snowball. The idea in this story form is that the plot will roll downhill and, as succeeding events adhere to .


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