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  • ‘Masterminds’ one of the better comedies of the year

    There’s so much to know about the making and marketing of the new movie “Masterminds” that it would be easy to be distracted from the film itself. So let’s be clear at the beginning: “Masterminds” is an oddity .

  • ‘Deepwater Horizon’ offers plenty of action

    Movies are not very good at communicating facts. If a reader doesn’t understand what happened in the battle of Agincourt, he can go back and read sentences again, immediately, and clarify his understanding. One can’t stop a film .

  • You should see newest ‘Magnificent Seven’

    1956 saw the release of the great Japanese film director Akira Kurosawa’s “Seven Samurai.” Kurosawa is famous partly for sophisticated but accessible art house movies (“Roshomon,” with its four different points of view, is an example, as is “Kagemusha”) and .

  • Action-packed ‘Storks’ is good family fare

    The new animated film “Storks” is one of the better “family” movies we’ve seen recently. It has all the components one looks for in these films except for the (to me, offputting) sentiment, and some of that is replaced .

  • ‘Blair Witch’ pretty much the same silly stuff

    The new film “Blair Witch” is actually just a more carefully-edited version of the original “Blair Witch Project” of 2000. This time a higher percentage of the shots were taken by a camera that none of the characters could be holding. .

  • There isn’t much for viewers to watch in ‘Snowden’

    “Snowden” may be Oliver Stone’s best movie, though that may be damning it with faint praise. The writer and director has cast the film well (Nicholas Cage is terrific here in a minor part) and he does manage somehow .

  • ‘Disappointments Room’ well-designed ghost story movie

    The price of movie admission seems to have gone up again. This may explain the large drop in the stock indices recently. Or it may explain how the producers of “The Disappointments Room” could make a scary movie that is .

  • ‘When the Bough Breaks’ will amuse some

    Let’s have an early semester test. I’ll describe a movie’s story and you decide what decade the movie appeared. Ready? The issue here is fetal surrogacy. The location is New Orleans. John and Laura are a professional .

  • Lights out: some film noir classics to explore

    Autumn is here, and with the nights growing longer it is the perfect time to explore the darker side of film. The term film noir, or dark film, was coined by a French movie critic in 1946. As a genre, film .

  • Animated ‘Wild Life’ will amuse younger kids

    Parents and grandparents of kids to about the age of seven or eight can be assured that the new animated film “The Wild Life” will amuse their charges. The older the children, the less likely this European cinematic project will .

  • ‘Sully’ is essentially a New York City story

    “Sully” is about the best result we have any right to expect when veteran filmmakers decide to make movies based on contemporary news stories. Oh, probably the best we could expect was “United 93,” Paul Greengrass’s fascinating suspense film recalling .

  • Story in ‘The Light Between Oceans’ is quite moving

    During the early years of British possession of Australia, it was a prison colony, somewhere debtors and pickpockets were sent. The Aussies have always fancied colorful law-breakers, which is one reason Ned Kelly, the armor-wearing highwayman along the gold road, .


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