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  • The fun in ‘Kubo and the Two Strings’ is in its look

    “Kubo and the Two Strings” is a new animated movie. Its Asian-fusion visual style mixes fake puppet stop-action look material with toy theater depth devices and a whole mess of references to origami. And that all works fairly well. The .

  • Just be sure to get to ‘Ben-Hur’ in time for the chariot race

    Sometimes those of us who are clued in about certain subjects may be surprised to discover that, for example, not everyone knows who the Kardashians are or how many inches of displacement the standard V6 for the 1962 Buick Special turned .

  • New ‘Pete’s Dragon’ has little to recommend it

    Hollywood does a much better job of merging animation and live action than it did in 1977. That’s the year Mickey Rooney, Helen Reddy, Red Buttons, Jim Dale, Shelley Winters, Jane Kean, Jim Backus (!), Jeff Conaway, and Charlie Callas starred .

  • New film ‘Suicide Squad’ doesn’t have much of a story

    There is some controversy surrounding the new, fairly big-budget comic book movie “Suicide Squad.” This was going to happen. We seem to have reached the stall point in the arc of enthusiasm for each new super-hero picture. Now it isn’.

  • If you can believe it, new movie ‘Nine Lives’ is fun

    One of the summer’s happier cinematic surprises is Barry Sonnenfeld’s “Nine Lives.” It depends on a weak and tired movie premise that one associates with “The Shaggy Dog”—a human’s consciousness is housed temporarily in the body .

  • Groceries cavort in new film ‘Sausage Party’

    Sometimes comedy gains by surprise. The frequency with which recent movie comedies depend on coarse language means the audience can’t be much surprised by it. Which partly explains why regular moviegoers don’t laugh much during any Seth Rogan .

  • ‘Nerve’ starts out fine, but disappoints

    Some stories go along for much of their length without being very interesting. Then late, when their central problem is clear, we get a little rush knowing events are speeding up and the conclusion is at hand. The new suspense .

  • There’s some fun to be had in movie ‘Bad Moms’

    This summer, more than ever before, movie comedies have insisted on their timeliness by including a lot of expletives and references to sex acts and biological elimination in their dialog. The characters talk about bus routes, say, all the while .

  • ‘Jason Bourne’ shows the way to do action pictures

    Movie director Paul Greengrass has a sterling reputation. He knows how to put action onto the screen. Otherwise his movies are surprisingly small-scale. Take his new one, “Jason Bourne,” for example. In a furious fight late in the film, Bourne (.

  • Components of latest ‘Ice Age’ movie don’t quite make sense G.w.clift1

    Sometimes the instructions for assembly of an exercise machine or gas grill seem to have been translated by someone who only replaced the Korean or Chinese or Japanese words with English words. I find myself holding up the booklets and .

  • ‘Lights Out’ offers horror-film crowd a couple of jolts G.w.clift1

    As viewers of thousands of hours of horror film footage will attest, there are only two things a scary movie might do that would kill the fun in it. It could explain too much. And it could show the nature .

  • ‘Star Trek Beyond’ has more charms than weaknesses G.w.clift1

    The new Star Trek movie is called “Beyond.” It is about an incident that occurs three years into a mission undertaken by the crew of the Federation ship Enterprise. All the familiar characters are on board—Kirk (Chris Pine), Spock (.


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