• New movie ‘Dog’s Purpose’ boring, predictable

    The new movie “A Dog’s Purpose” features a dog who saves his human family from burning up in a house fire, tracks crooks for the Chicago police, saves a 12 yearold girl who has fallen into a river at a .

  • ‘Rings’ will seem dated to trendiest movie fans

    Horror movies are made according to the current version of a steadily evolving formula. Or at least that’s usually true. The new release “Rings,” though, is a sequel. And, perhaps consequently, it is a product of the formula as .

  • ‘Hidden Figures’ gives faces to NASA contributors

    “Hidden Figures” is a new movie directed and co-written by Theodore Melfi, who made the terrific Bill Murray picture “St. Vincent” three years ago. The new film’s story comes from Virginian Margot Lee Shetterly’s book. It might be .

  • ‘Split’ is as solid as Shyamalan’s films ever are

    The Philly filmmaker, M. Knight Shyamalan, has a new hit. Add “Split” with James McAvoy to his list of horror and fantasy films. They include “The Sixth Sense” with Bruce Willis, “Signs” with Mel Gibson, “The Village” with Joaquin Phoenix, .

  • New DVDs for February a diverse bunch

    The recent movies scheduled for release on DVD this month are a cryptic batch. But they aren’t, generally speaking, without interest. For example, “Arrival” is a movie about outer space aliens teaching Amy Adams their language so that she .

  • ‘A Monster Calls’ is a great entertainment bargain

    “A Monster Calls” is powerful, original, and technically superior. And it didn’t play in the local first-run house. Instead it is showing out at Seth Childs Cinema for $2 a ticket. Director J.A. Bayona worked from a script by .

  • Enjoy thriller ‘Nocturnal Creatures’ in familiar comfort

    We had more than one reason to feel good about going to see a movie at the Seth Childs 12-plex. For one thing, we felt welcome there. The popcorn was free on this particular Friday night. The old managerial faces .

  • ‘Patriots Day’ will entertain many movie-goers

    “Jeanie got married to a CPA,” Bob Walkenhorst wrote. “April 15th is her wedding day.” Ironically, that is also the date on which the Massachusetts state holiday Patriots’ Day fell the year of the Boston Marathon bombing. The marathon is .

  • New Christian movie shows how far genre has come

    “The Resurrection of Gavin Stone” is proof that that special genre of movie, the Super Church evangelical picture, has closed the quality gap with more conventional Hollywood films. The photography and editing in “Gavin Stone” are far superior to what .

  • ‘Sleepless’ will please viewers who like the genre

    A friend suggested that “Sleepless” was like the “Taken” movies, only with Jamie Foxx instead of Liam Neeson. There are similarities. Both were made by European directors. Both have government-trained fighters whose off-spring has been abducted by organized criminals. But “.

  • New film ‘Gold’ is about McConaughey

    They say snakes are fascinating, that their curling and their shiny skin attract and hold the eye. And it is sort of that way with Matthew Mc-Conaughey in the new movie “Gold.” In fact, it may always be that way .

  • New film ‘XXX’ has plenty of action

    In one of the few pauses from action in the new film “XXX: Return of Xander Cage,” rap star and movie mogul Ice T is shown alongside a classic GTO muscle car. The car is not so much shown as .


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