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  • Movies | March 05, 2013

    ‘Last Exorcism 2’ doesn’t meet standards of original


    The title sounds like a joke, doesn’t it? “The Last Exorcism 2.” Sequels are one of the curses of the movie business, and they are so common that the professionals who name movies either didn’t notice what they were doing or, more likely, they

  • Movies | March 04, 2013

    Good acting makes Ebony Theater production worthwhile


    Cheryl L. West’s “Jar the Floor” got a terrific production recently in K-State’s Purple Masque Theater. The play, directed by Libby Uthoff, was Ebony Theater’s contribution to the increasingly unfocused observance of Black History Month. But as has almost always been the

  • Movies | February 26, 2013

    ‘Dark Skies’ is a horror movie with a couple of differences


    What scares you in a horror movie? They rarely do more than make me flinch with sudden loud noises. I haven’t been frightened by a scary movie in a while, perhaps not since I saw “The Last Exorcism” in 2010 or perhaps it was when

  • Movies | February 22, 2013

    ‘Beautiful Creatures’ makes its story new


    He’s a teenager from small town South Carolina. He reads Vonnegut and Burroughs and eventually Bukowski (ugh). He sings along to his big old car’s radio as vintage Dylan plays. He knows his life will be fine once he leaves his confining hometown.

  • Movies | February 20, 2013

    ‘Safe Haven’ strongly resembles other Sparks movies


    Tongue in cheek, series romance novelist Angela Thirkell had her recurring novelist character, Mrs. Morland, tell friends that “All my books are exactly alike. That is why people like them.” Nebraskan Nicholas Sparks is the big romance novelist today. I know his work through films—”

  • Movies | February 19, 2013

    ‘Side Effects’ could have been a lot of fun, but isn’t


    The failure of Steven Soderbergh’s new movie “Side Effects” can be explained simply if we accept the notion that the movie was at first intended as an attack on Big Drug Companies. Then a little over half-way through, the filmmakers seem to have realized

  • Movies | February 12, 2013

    Lots of crime action fans will enjoy ‘Bullet to the Head’


    It may be too soon to say we’ve entered a new golden age of crime action movies. But we have been on a little run of good ones. The most recent Bond movie, “Skyfall,” was just terrific. Tom Cruise had a good one in

  • Movies | January 31, 2013

    Brighten up February with a DVD or two


    February sometimes seems like the longest month of all. It can be cold. Folks can get isolated. But before cabin fever kicks in, you might want to check out a newly-released DVD of a recent general-release motion picture. There are some interesting ones scheduled out

  • Movies | January 29, 2013

    There isn’t anything not to like in ‘Parker’


    The plot of the new caper movie “Parker” may seem similar in some ways to the one for the quirky 1999 crime thriller “Payback,” a Mel Gibson film far more popular on TV than it was in theaters. The two movies were each based on novels

  • Movies | January 24, 2013

    More smoke than substance in ‘Broken City’


    “Murky,” I think we’d call the new movie “Broken City.” It was intended as a political thriller and then released right after a presidential election, when everybody is absolutely sick of campaigning. It gives its audience a big hunk of a New York City

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