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  • Movies | November 01, 2012

    ‘Cloud Atlas’ has problems, and you’ll need counseling afterward


    Movie fans leaving a showing of the three-hour, sci fi discussion of reincarnation called “Cloud Atlas” may want to drive immediately to counseling sessions. If ever a movie made its audience feel small, insignificant, powerless, and ground under, with the only hope suicide or salvation

  • Movies | October 31, 2012

    ‘Chasing Mavericks’ offers a comforting life lesson


    A couple of the best directors of gentle movies—Michael Apted and Curtis Hanson—shared directing credits for the new film “Chasing Mavericks.” Hanson may be best known for having made ‘L.A. Confidential” and “8 Mile,” but he also directed “In Her Shoes,” “Wonder Boys,”

  • Movies | October 25, 2012

    Latest ‘Paranormal Activities’ flick is laughingly unscary


    The only thing that will really matter for most of the horror film fans willing to pay for tickets to see the fourth “Paranormal Activities” movie, which is currently in general release, is whether or not the movie will shock them. I don’t think

  • Movies | October 24, 2012

    ‘Alex Cross’ offers action, but lacks imagination


    The thing about the new movie “Alex Cross” is that little imagination seems to have been used in its making. I mean, it has its wounded hero sitting on the tail gate of an ambulance, rehashing the events of the battle at the story’s

  • Movies | October 19, 2012

    Affleck deserves thanks for top-notch thriller


    The new movie “Argo” will knot viewers’ stomachs with suspense. The movie is also better than Hollywood pictures usually are about a historic story. It is about the Iranian embassy workers who, in 1979, escaped unnoticed into the Canadian Ambassador’s house as the bulk of

  • Movies | October 18, 2012

    Is the new ‘Frankenweenie’ awesome? Maybe


    Digging up an idea he originally used in a short film the year before “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure”, Tim Burton has brought “Frankenweenie” back to life. This time around Burton uses unnaturally proportioned stop-motion puppets instead of live action and throws in plenty of references

  • Movies | October 17, 2012

    Horror film ‘Sinister’ not bad but less than scary


    The word “sinister” means trending to the left or left-handed. As a kid whose orientation was changed by his first grade teacher, I can tell you that the Dutch are more often slandered by the English language than are the left-handed, but “left-handed” can mean

  • Movies | October 16, 2012

    Latest K-State Theater production will entertain many


    The K-State Theater production of “Time Stands Still” runs through next weekend in Nichols Theater. It is a solid, telling staging of this recent play by Pulitzer winner Donald Margulies, well-cast and readied by director Dwight Tolar and well-acted, set (by the dependable Kathy Voecks),

  • Movies | October 15, 2012

    Talented, energetic cast lifts film from the ordinary


    Now let’s see if we can recall all seven of the killers referred to in the title. The new movie “Seven Psychopaths” has a masked killer who kills mob hit men and leaves a jack of diamonds on each corpse. Screenwriter Marty (Colin Farrell)

  • Movies | October 12, 2012

    ‘Hotel Transylvania’ is less than it should have been


    In the new movie “Hotel Transylvania,” to raise his infant daughter in a safe environment, Dracula (voiced by Adam Sandler) builds a resort for monsters where they will be safe from humans.   Every year, on his daughter’s birthday, Dracula invites all of his monster

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