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  • Movies | September 19, 2012

    You’ll like this movie with the Anderson touch

    Here are three more rules for enjoying the movies: One, don’t pay to see older films re-released in “digital 3D.” Two, try to avoid showings in our local twelve-plex’s audially-challenged Auditorium 8. Three, if somebody named “Anderson” directed the movie, buy a ticket. There

  • Movies | September 17, 2012

    ‘Last Ounce of Courage’ better than some of its ilk

    These days the movies we get from the moral-uplift brigade are usually right out of the South. But there’s a new, Chuck Norris-endorsed (honest) movie of this sort currently playing in theaters, and it seems to be a southern California product. To compare specific

  • Movies | September 10, 2012

    New movie ‘The Words’ has many strikes against it

    One of the complaints about the movies which I hear most often comes down to this: commercial films are made for teenagers. Well, most general-release movies are made for young people. But when studios make movies for adults, they have trouble selling tickets. Too often

  • Movies | September 05, 2012

    ‘Possession’ plods along until last 20 minutes

    It was a musician with a sense of humor who first played me one of Matisyahu’s Yiddish-language reggae records. By then my younger acquaintance knew all about the author, song-writer, and performer with the prayer shawl and the full beard. Matisyahu saunters to the

  • Movies | September 04, 2012

    New film ‘Lawless’: Enough of this reality stuff

    The new movie “Lawless” warns viewers from the top that it is “Based on a true story.” When I saw that on-screen notice, I knew I should back down the gangway and wander into one of the twelve-plex’s other auditoriums. Beats me if documentaries

  • Movies | September 03, 2012

    ‘Premium Rush’ features action, action, action

    The new film “Premium Rush” is an all-action hoot with a pinch of old Hollywood storytelling thrown in. Director David Koepp’s knack for finding decent plots and telling them with laudable pace helps the movie to be more than just the next cinematic stepping-stone

  • Movies | August 30, 2012

    ‘Hit and Run’ offers fairly fresh comedy


    Dax Shepard’s “Hit and Run” is a lightly off-beat little movie that might be the right send-off for your cinematic summer. It is a star-studded road movie about real-seeming but comic characters seeking a buried treasure—in other words, a sort of small case “

  • Movies | August 28, 2012

    ‘Odd Life ...’ is cute without being too sweet

    In the realm of overused metaphor, there are few objects that can equal the leaf. Symbolizing the fleeting nature of life, a measure of abundance, the ominous approach of winter or unspecified evil, in 2012 leaves are getting a workout. To the crowd of leaf symbolism

  • Movies | August 27, 2012

    Director was well known for creating drama, action

    Director Tony Scott, brother of Ridley Scott, was one of the most accomplished filmmakers of the last several decades. Reportedly suffering from brain cancer, Scott took his own life last week. Scott may be gone but his films remain, and they constitute a testament to

  • Movies | July 09, 2012

    Chick flic leaves viewer feeling manipulated

    The ushers tell me that two evening showings of “Magic Mike” sold out at the local twelve-plex on the first day of the movie’s release. They also say there was only one man in those two large movie audiences. So Steven Soderbergh’s new

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