• Second verse of ‘Hunger Games’ is predictable stuff G.w.clift1

    Second verse, same as the first. The second “Hunger Games” movie, “Catching Fire,” is a continuation of the story of a near-future world in which the government uses a brutal televised game to distract the public from economic collapse. In .

  • ‘Delivery Man’ an ill-conceived motion picture G.w.clift1

    The new Vince Vaughn movie, “Delivery Man,” has been issued in a rush. Either that or the filmmakers saw what they had shot, threw up their hands, and pushed the movie into the Release basket in the same way a .

  • Except for silly story, ‘Best Man Holiday’ is OK G.w.clift1

    Sometimes even a fairly routine movie will have substantial features of interest. Here’s one about the new movie sequel “Best Man Holiday”: how was writer and director Malcolm D. Lee able to bring back the original cast fourteen years .

  • ‘Thor 2’ will please fans of superhero movies Christopher.conner1

    Chris Hemsworth returns to the role of Thor in the Marvel Studios film “Thor 2: The Dark World.” Accepted back into Asgard, Thor’s task of returning peace to the nine realms is nearly complete. Still, he does not seem to .

  • It’s no time to watch DVDs, but here are some new ones G.w.clift1

    This is not the season for new DVD rentals and sales. Late in the month, some people will begin buying relatively new movies on home viewing media to give as Christmas presents. In December the weather may turn nasty enough .

  • ‘Last Vegas’ is sometimes funny ... sometimes not G.w.clift1

    It seems like an odd occasion for a movie comedy: Members of the post- WWII Baby Boom generation are aging. As we reach our sixties and, gulp, seventies, we recall our pasts and confront our mortality. That’s pretty much .

  • ‘The Counselor’ is stylish but won’t bear thinking about later G.w.clift1

    “The Counselor” is a stylish movie, seasoned with a little sex and a little violence, and featuring a couple of interesting acting jobs. But the movie isn’t enough fun to watch. And it won’t bear thinking about once .

  • If ‘The Fifth Estate’ has an agenda, it fails to deliver it Christopher.conner1

    In “The Fifth Estate,” Benedict Cumberbatch portrays WikiLeaks’ controversial founder and central personality Julian Assange. The screenplay is an adaptation of two books, one written by the other central character in the film Daniel Domscheit-Berg (Daniel Brühl). Because of .

  • Unanswered question: Why was ‘Carrie’ remade now? G.w.clift1

    Both before and after I watched Kimberly Peirce’s re-make of the movie “Carrie” I wondered Why? Why make another, not all that different version of the hit 1976 movie based on Stephen King’s novel? And why now? The story .

  • ‘Captain Phillips’ tells its story effectively Christopher.conner1

    As someone who followed news of the Maersk Alabama in 2009, I was curious how director Paul Greengrass would approach the story in “Captain Phillips.” The film begins as Phillips (Tom Hanks) prepares to leave his Vermont home to catch a .

  • ‘Machete Kills’  amusing, colorful when the talking doesn’t interfere G.w.clift1

    Robert Rodriguez is one of the 10 best movie directors working. Period. This is not to say that his films—“El Mariachi,” “From Dawn to Dusk,” the four “Spy Kids” movies, “Sin City,” the successful half of “Grindhouse,” “The Adventures of .

  • Good cast carries KSU production of ‘Detroit’ G.w.clift1

    Director Dylan Rogerson’s version of Lisa D’Amour’s award-winning play Detroit entertained crowds in K-State’s Purple Masque Theater recently. The playwright is from New Orleans and the break-out production of the play was at Chicago’s Steppenwolf. .


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