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  • Movies | November 20, 2012

    ‘Lincoln’ too big in some ways


    Stephen Spielberg’s new movie “Lincoln” contains a couple of surprises, which is something of a surprise in itself. Regular moviegoers may feel as if they have got the director’s routine figured out pretty well. After all, we’ve seen over two dozen of

  • Movies | November 19, 2012

    ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’ will be success with intended audience


    Some movies seem interesting only because of what they tell about the entertainment business. Movies directed at young women—the Sex in the City films, for instance, or “The Hunger Games”—really aren’t intended to amuse old men. The artifice these movies use to

  • Movies | November 15, 2012

    November is a weak month for new DVDs

    I haven’t seen all of the movies scheduled for release as DVDs this month. I understand “The Brave” is an admirable Disney animated film, that “ParaNorman” was a little bit of a disappointment, and that the Vince Vaughn comedy “The Watch” and “Men in

  • Movies | November 14, 2012

    New James Bond movie nears perfection


    After fifty years, the James Bond movies are doing a little time shuffling. The latest, and one of the greatest of these, “Skyfall,” introduces Moneypenny and a new juvenile Q. It tells us something surprising of the childhood of the most famous of secret agents,

  • Movies | November 13, 2012

    ‘Man with the Iron Fists’ is over before it can become dull


    There ought to be a name for the sub-genre of east Asian kung-fu movies which are actually westerns but with nun-chucks instead of six-shooters. An example of this sort of film is the new “Man with the Iron Fists.” And in it, just as in

  • Movies | November 12, 2012

    ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ surprisingly engaging flick


    If anyone has ever wondered happens when the lights go off at the local arcade, “Wreck-It Ralph” gives one possibility. As soon as the doors are locked, characters from the various games hop on public transport through the power cables and visit each other, have

  • Movies | November 08, 2012

    ‘Flight’ is one of Zemeckis’s unsatisfactory movies


    Director Robert Zemeckis has a new movie out, and it is called “Flight.” It stars Denzel Washington. In it John Goodman has a gleeful turn as a bouncing drug dealer always introduced by the Rolling Stone’s “Sympathy for the Devil.” The movie has a

  • Movies | November 07, 2012

    ‘Silent Hill Revelation’ has video game feel


    There is an inexplicable temptation to create movies based on video games. While the link between “Silent Hill Revelation” and its namesake game series originated by Konami in 1999 is tenuous, the story does center on the same protagonist as the Silent Hill 3 game. Adelaide Clemens

  • Movies | November 05, 2012

    Movie ‘Fun Size’ is good-natured rather than funny


    The new comedy “Fun Size”  may tell us something about what Hollywood producers (Nickelodeon Movies, in this case) think are the differences between male and female movie tastes. You see, “Fun Size” is “Superbad” for junior high girls. It begins with a full-length music

  • Movies | November 01, 2012

    ‘Cloud Atlas’ has problems, and you’ll need counseling afterward


    Movie fans leaving a showing of the three-hour, sci fi discussion of reincarnation called “Cloud Atlas” may want to drive immediately to counseling sessions. If ever a movie made its audience feel small, insignificant, powerless, and ground under, with the only hope suicide or salvation

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