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  • Movies | October 04, 2012

    ‘Loopers’ isn’t great, but it is pretty good

    Writer, Director, and Editor Rian Johnson’s “Loopers” wants to be a big, important movie about an idea. But when the idea is sprung on us in the film’s last ten minutes, this comes as a surprise. Sometimes it can be a rush, finally

  • Movies | October 03, 2012

    ‘Hungarian Rhapsody’ follows the exploits of a rock band

    Three years before the destruction of the Berlin Wall, the British rock band Queen played a concert in a soccer stadium in Budapest. These sorts of intrusions behind the Iron Curtain by representatives of western pop culture were rare at the time, in part because,

  • Movies | September 28, 2012

    ‘Dredd’ gives its viewers exactly what they expect

    Sometimes Hollywood re-uses good ideas. Karl Urban, who played Bones in the most recent “Star Trek” movie, maybe the best cast film I’ve ever seen, will again play the Enterprise’s doctor in the sequel to that film, “Into Darkness.” Good. He was great

  • Movies | September 25, 2012

    ‘Trouble with the Curve’ lets us down in the last reel


    Robert Lorenz’s first feature as director is a movie that wants to be a baseball classic, something that will get replayed on TV around the beginning of the play-offs for forty years. “Trouble with the Curve” has features of interest. But the script lets

  • Movies | September 24, 2012

    ‘House at the End ...’ is a small, formula movie

    Alfred Hitchcock figured out the method that Jonathan Mostow uses to make himself rich. Hitchcock’s method is, of course, the Thriller, a kind of movie he invented while he was still doing silent films in England. Toward the end of his career he could

  • Movies | September 19, 2012

    You’ll like this movie with the Anderson touch

    Here are three more rules for enjoying the movies: One, don’t pay to see older films re-released in “digital 3D.” Two, try to avoid showings in our local twelve-plex’s audially-challenged Auditorium 8. Three, if somebody named “Anderson” directed the movie, buy a ticket. There

  • Movies | September 17, 2012

    ‘Last Ounce of Courage’ better than some of its ilk

    These days the movies we get from the moral-uplift brigade are usually right out of the South. But there’s a new, Chuck Norris-endorsed (honest) movie of this sort currently playing in theaters, and it seems to be a southern California product. To compare specific

  • Movies | September 10, 2012

    New movie ‘The Words’ has many strikes against it

    One of the complaints about the movies which I hear most often comes down to this: commercial films are made for teenagers. Well, most general-release movies are made for young people. But when studios make movies for adults, they have trouble selling tickets. Too often

  • Movies | September 05, 2012

    ‘Possession’ plods along until last 20 minutes

    It was a musician with a sense of humor who first played me one of Matisyahu’s Yiddish-language reggae records. By then my younger acquaintance knew all about the author, song-writer, and performer with the prayer shawl and the full beard. Matisyahu saunters to the

  • Movies | September 04, 2012

    New film ‘Lawless’: Enough of this reality stuff

    The new movie “Lawless” warns viewers from the top that it is “Based on a true story.” When I saw that on-screen notice, I knew I should back down the gangway and wander into one of the twelve-plex’s other auditoriums. Beats me if documentaries

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