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  • Movies | July 01, 2013

    New movie ‘The Heat’ has little to save it


    It’s as if someone had a Buddy Movie script left over from before we all knew about Mel Gibson’s and Danny Glover’s politics. This cop story, titled “The Heat” in that imaginative way that Hollywood has, was given to Paul Feig—who

  • Movies | June 24, 2013

    Forget the 3D, or maybe even the entire movie


    In the new movie “World War Z,” Brad Pitt plays a Philadelphia family man, until recently a foreign places-traveling agent of the United Nations. He awakens one morning to discover, through TV news broadcasts, that something wild is going on around the world. Soon zombies

  • Movies | June 20, 2013

    ‘Man of Steel’ diverting if not thought-provoking

    The new movie version of the Superman “origin myth,” “Man of Steel,” was directed by Zack Snyder. Snyder has given us the 2004 “Dawn of the Dead,” the kid’s flic “Legend of the Guardians,” and comic book pictures “300,” “Watchmen,” and “Sucker Punch.” Managing actors and

  • Movies | June 17, 2013

    Viewers won’t care much about ‘This Is the End’

    The new film, “This Is the End,” is actually more interesting as a concept than it is as a comedy. Memorable comedies often begin as odd ideas, but just because the central notion of a movie is out of the ordinary doesn’t mean we

  • Movies | June 16, 2013

    Summer blockbusters filled with action, superheroes, zombies, scandal and fun

    Summer time is known for several things: ice cream, swimming pools and, more recently, summer blockbuster films. This year’s pack of movies has a little bit of everything: superheroes, zombie fighting, hilarious children’s film sequels, science-fiction and even a Shakespeare remake. Here is

  • Movies | June 12, 2013

    ‘The Internship’ is good-humored if not hilarious


    I don’t know if one would want to call Shawn Levy “the genius behind the ‘Night at the Museum’ movies,” but he did direct the first two and is apparently going to do the third. His current release, though, is another Owen Wilson vehicle,

  • Movies | June 11, 2013

    The most horror-ible thing was the girl with the cellphone


    The new horror film “The Purge” is a modest success, more like “Sinister” than like “Fright Night,” but without either one’s supernatural element. What is causing the problem for the middle class family of four in the new film is a nationwide social experiment.

  • Movies | June 09, 2013

    Wanderlusting alumna takes on new adventure: ‘Wild Kingdom’


    For four months each summer, Reggie Busse lives in Switzerland in a house with 11 other people while she works for an adventure tourist company.  For the remaining eight, Busse, a K-State alum, travels the world, living as cheaply as she can to stretch those

  • Movies | June 06, 2013

    What’s new on home viewing media this month?


    This month several of the more heavily-advertised films of the spring will be stocked on the New shelves at the video store. They include a me-too sort of road comedy called “Identity Thief.” The special effects-heavy movies for the month are about fantasy worlds, but

  • Movies | June 04, 2013

    During ‘After Earth’ is a good time to check your cellphone


    I have a new index scheme for judging general release movies. The worse they are, the greater number of ticket-holder cell phones will be lit up during the showing. The little lights glaring in one’s face from phones farther forward in the theater indicate

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