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  • Movies | July 25, 2013

    Comedy, action scenes, sets all work well in ‘RED 2’


    “RED 2” and “R.I.P.D.” are both action movies with comic tones, so it is odd that the two of them should have been released on the same July weekend. Nevertheless, they were. And movie fans should celebrate by driving out to the twelveplex.

  • Movies | July 24, 2013

    ‘Turbo’ will entertain the elementary school set


    Dreamworks’ “Turbo” follows Theo, an unhappy garden snail voiced by Ryan Reynolds, as he dreams of speed and winning the Indy 500. Not content to work in the tomato garden with his brother Chet (Paul Giomatti) and the other snails, Theo is continuously lost in daydreams

  • Movies | July 23, 2013

    ‘R.I.P.D.’ is fun, funny and exhilarating

    “R.I.P.D.” is a terrific movie. It has a smaller scale than some of the big-budget action pictures we’ve been seeing—smaller than a “Transformers” or an “Iron Man” or a “Lone Ranger.” But it does have impressive special effects and it

  • Movies | July 16, 2013

    ‘Grown Ups 2’ better than the original, for what it’s worth


    In most ways, the Hollywood movie industry is so very scientific that its products are predictable. So anyone attending a showing of a sequel of a late Adam Sandler movie should know exactly what he’s getting, right? Well, maybe there are wheels within wheels

  • Movies | July 08, 2013

    Heed a couple of warnings about ‘The Lone Ranger’


    Only the hard-hearted could dismiss the attractions of the new film “The Lone Ranger.” It had SO much money spent on it and it runs SO long and it is SO good-humored that watching most of it is sort of fun. I got a couple

  • Movies | July 03, 2013

    Family fare lacking for summer evenings at home


    Let’s say it gets hot and you decide you want to spend a quiet evening at home with a movie newly-released on home viewing media. If you want to entertain the kids, look on the New Videos shelf later on in July for “The

  • Movies | July 02, 2013

    ‘White House Down’ stands alone, and not in a good way


    The new movie “White House Down” is as much a near-joke as its title suggests. It is suspenseful and implausible, dull and silly, and political in a way anyone who has seen director Roland Emmerich’s earlier films would have guessed it would be. Not

  • Movies | July 01, 2013

    New movie ‘The Heat’ has little to save it


    It’s as if someone had a Buddy Movie script left over from before we all knew about Mel Gibson’s and Danny Glover’s politics. This cop story, titled “The Heat” in that imaginative way that Hollywood has, was given to Paul Feig—who

  • Movies | June 24, 2013

    Forget the 3D, or maybe even the entire movie


    In the new movie “World War Z,” Brad Pitt plays a Philadelphia family man, until recently a foreign places-traveling agent of the United Nations. He awakens one morning to discover, through TV news broadcasts, that something wild is going on around the world. Soon zombies

  • Movies | June 20, 2013

    ‘Man of Steel’ diverting if not thought-provoking

    The new movie version of the Superman “origin myth,” “Man of Steel,” was directed by Zack Snyder. Snyder has given us the 2004 “Dawn of the Dead,” the kid’s flic “Legend of the Guardians,” and comic book pictures “300,” “Watchmen,” and “Sucker Punch.” Managing actors and

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