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  • Movies | March 04, 2014

    This is DVD (and basketball) season

    Late winter is probably a decent time to stay home in the evening and watch movies recently released on home viewing media. That is, unless there’s basketball going on. Among the titles appearing on the new DVD shelf last month were a couple of

  • Movies | February 27, 2014

    ‘Pompeii’ story is weak, but visuals are spectacular


    If you go to see the new film “Pompeii,” pay the extra money and see the three-dimensional version. This is a visual movie first, foremost, and altogether. And certainly the historic occasion gives the movie lots of opportunities for spectacular visuals. As you’ll remember,

  • Movies | February 26, 2014

    Writer/director experiments with familiar formula


    All good action movie fans know the Luc Besson formula. The French writer and director, who got his start with surprisingly Hollywood movies like “La Femme Nikita” and “The Professional,” now has a scheme for making successful shoot ’em ups based in Paris (or at

  • Movies | February 25, 2014

    Movie ‘Endless Love’ strictly for 12-year-old girls


    Bob Walkenhorst wrote, “Some things are classic/Some things are just old.” The new movie “Endless Love” is a very simple romance, so straight-forward a cliché that it would be irritating except that after the first reel most viewers really won’t be paying attention.

  • Movies | February 21, 2014

    New ‘Robocop’ tackles contemporary issue


    The new re-make of the 1985 movie “Robocop” is topical. It is about ethical questions involved in the public discussion of the use of remote control “drone” weapons. It is easy enough for director Jose Padiha to get to the issue by telling the story of

  • Movies | February 20, 2014

    ‘Winter’s Tale’ a likable film with a good cast


    Remember Eva Marie Saint? She was the female lead in two legendary motion pictures, “On the Waterfront” and Hitchcock’s “North by Northwest”—Cary Grant tosses her onto the top bunk in the railroad car sleeping compartment in the last scene of the latter movie.

  • Movies | February 19, 2014

    New film ‘Philomena’ found not too entertaining


    Steve Coogan has a couple of favorite topics. Sometimes it is not good to have Joneses. The remarkably hard-working English writer, actor, and comedian who gave us “Hamlet 2” and has starred in lots of other films, including “Tropic Thunder,” “Hot Fuzz,” and “In the Loop,”

  • Movies | February 18, 2014

    ‘About Last Night,’ Version 2, sort of ho-hum entertainment


    The new movie “About Last Night” is a re-make of a sanitized version of a David Mamet play. The original movie, also called “About Last Night,” was a 1986 feature starring Rob Lowe (pre-scandal), Demi Moore (pre-surgery), James Belushi (pre-television), and, perhaps surprisingly, Elizabeth Perkins. The

  • Movies | February 14, 2014

    ‘Monument Men’ doesn’t accomplish the tasks films should


    The new movie “Monuments Men” is a bit of a disappointment. It is about art and about Americans in the Second World War and the cast includes Cate Blanchett and Bill Murray. So we had some reason to hope. The idea is that half a

  • Movies | February 10, 2014

    Lots of laughs in attractive K-State theater


    God of Carnage is funny. The K-State Theater presentation of the play, directed by Jerry Jay Cranford, is a mix of farce and black comedy, so it is sweet and tangy as well as true, a little scary, and guaranteed to provoke more chuckles than

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