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  • Despite everything, ‘Before I Fall’ isn’t bad

    Hollywood recycles story ideas so often that it can’t be any surprise they’ve gotten around to recycling the story that recycles itself. “Groundhog’s Day” was the original picture. In it a character played by Bill Murray kept .

  • ‘The Shack’ will entertain, and puzzle, many

    The storm didn’t make it any easier to explain Stuart Hazeldine’s new film “The Shack.” While our hero Mack, played by Anglo-Aussie Sam Worthington of “Avatar” fame, was in a cave chatting with the embodiment of Wisdom (Alicia .

  • ‘Logan’s’ trailer is more intense than the movie

    When thinking about film, it is always wise to remember how many people need to collaborate to bring any one movie to viewers. In the case of the new movie starring Marvel superhero Wolverine, “Logan,” we need to be especially .

  • ‘Moonlight’ provides some food for thought

    Writer and director Barry Jenkins has hit on something important that we haven’t been noticing. Otherwise his Oscar-winning film “Moonlight” is, in several ways, one of the kinds of movies that have routinely been nominated for the award the .

  • ‘Get Out’ isn’t what it seems in its trailer

    Perhaps part of the reason writer and director Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” was the biggest movie ticket-seller this last week is its trailer. The in-theater ad made the film look like a sort of “Stepford Wives” for servants, and .

  • Affleck’s ‘Live by Night’ a pretentious action picture

    In the new movie “Live by Night,” which is now showing out on Seth Child, Ben Affleck plays Coughlin. The character is also the voiceover narrator for the film, which despite its length, relies on narration to advance its story. .

  • ‘Collide’ has plenty of exciting action

    There’s something about those action movies set in Germany. The fighting and chasing scenes in the new film “Collide” have to remind viewers of the first Jason Bourne movie. Or of “Run Lola Run.” In fact, “Collide” is sort .

  • ‘Comedian’ not very funny, or a very good story

    The 12-plex out on Seth Child Road is now showing “The Comedian.” This is a character picture starring Robert De Niro. Director Taylor Hackford’s recognizable support cast will attract some movie-goers. Leslie Mann, Harvey Keitel, Edie Falco, Danny DeVito, .

  • ‘Fist Fight’ provides a laugh or two for the viewer

    There is at least one funny moment in the new film “Fist Fight” and at least one remarkably apt turn of a phrase. Two teachers working the last day of the year at a Georgia high school are at odds .

  • Few will enjoy new movie ‘The Great Wall’

    In a 2004 movie called “Team America: World Police,” Trey Parker and Matt Stone (famous for the “South Park” TV show) have their marionette version of Matt Damon speak as if he had been hit in the middle of the forehead .

  • Looks aren’t everything in film ‘Cure for Wellness’

    Perhaps we expect too much of the movies. Can it be enough for them to simply be beautiful to look at? This is one of the arguments made for Disney’s annual live-action nature movie, like “Born in China,” which .

  • See ‘Blood Wars’ inexpensively at the 12-plex

    If there are five times when a character in the latest “Underworld” movie, “Blood Wars,” swallows some of the blood of another character to confirm what they are saying about the past, there are probably four big werewolves against vampires .


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