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  • ‘Spy’ nothing more than an imitation of a recent hit G.w.clift1

    Because movies cost so much to make, usually there is some sort of clear commercial precedent for each new general release film that comes to town. This isn’t a new trend—Robert Altman’s 1992 movie “The Player” suggested it .

  • ‘Insidious 3’ clearer but duller than the other two G.w.clift1

    Remember the first two “Insidious” movies? If you’re not a horror flic fan or weren’t 15 years old when the movies came out, you probably don’t know anything about them. But fans and the PG13 crowd will recall .

  • You can’t (hardly) go wrong with new video releases G.w.clift1

    For some strange combination of reasons, June will be a swell month for movies newly released on home viewing media. There have been some months recently when “Chappie,” “Serena,” and “Project Almanac” might have been the big titles. This month .

  • ‘Aloha’ odd choice for release this time of year G.w.clift1

    Cameron Crowe’s new film, “Aloha,” was released the same summer blockbuster weekend as an explosion-fest about an earthquake, a movie featuring a professional wrestler. Now “Aloha” has a big visual event for its climax. But is it noisy enough .

  • Yoakam gives Topeka crowd its money’s worth G.w.clift1

    Chuck Berry plays once a month at a bar in St. Louis. He’s 88 years old. But Bob Dylan is still out on the road, and I heard him play a show full of references to age in Kansas City .

  • ‘Poltergeist’ has everything you need in a horror film except horror G.w.clift1

    The new “Poltergeist,” a re-make of Tobe “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” Hooper’s 1982 movie is the classiest horror film I’ve seen in a long time—at least since the terrific re-make of “Fright Night.” The new film, directed this time .

  • ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ isn’t quite up to standards set by original G.w.clift1

    The business of making a sequel to a cozy sort of movie comedy seems as if it ought to be simple enough. Three years ago, when “Glee” was still a popular television program, the first “Pitch Perfect” movie earned a .

  • Little film ‘Hot Pursuit’ amusing but not new G.w.clift1

    Until August, one can expect big, noisy, ticket-selling movies to be released about one a weekend. So it is a little odd that for the second weekend of May there was only one general release picture. And it is not .

  • Good things out on home viewing media G.w.clift1

    A number of potentially interesting movies — “A Most Violent Year,” “Taken 3,” “Paddington,” and “Seventh Son”—are out or will soon be out on home viewing media. Actually April and May are not bad new-DVD months this year. If you want .

  • Avengers launches packed summer movie season

    Summer movie season launches this weekend with the release of “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” Almost every weekend brings another high-profile sequel, reboot or blockbuster to enjoy with a bucket or popcorn and a dose of arctic air conditioning. The slate .

  • Sci fi film ‘Ex Machina’ very strong on atmosphere G.w.clift1

    Perhaps the substantial buzz about the new sci fi film “Ex Machina” started because the movie’s writer and director is Alex Garland. He wrote the screenplays for “Never Let Me Go” and “28 Days Later,” two category films worth thinking .

  • Unscary ‘Unfriended’ is new but already out-of-date G.w.clift1

    Horror movie fans, who make up a sizable percentage of movie ticket-buyers, must have thought filmmakers couldn’t come up with a cheaper way to photograph a feature film than with the single hand-held camera. Beginning with “Blair Witch Project,” .


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